NetBots 2.5

These are the droids you're looking for.


NetBots is a Macintosh Internet utility that lets you send virtual "agents" out on the Internet. These agents can do things like monitor a web page for updates, let you know when a user is online, and much more. The bots can signal you with an alert or can execute any AppleScript.






NetBots News

11/15/97 - NetBots 2.5 fixes a bunch of bugs and adds some really cool features

8/7/97 - The Official NetBots FAQ has been updated

8/1/97 - NetBots 2.0.2 fixes some bugs and adds minor features.

6/8/97 - NetBots 2.0 is now available!

2/6/97 - If you have trouble getting through to, try the AOL Mirror

8/27/96 - NetBots was a Cool Tool of the Day back in July

8/5/96 - NetBots was featured a MacWorld Pick of the Week

NetBots is ©1996,1997, by Scott J. Kleper. Read the documentation for distribution and registration information.

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