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If you find our shareware programs useful or you use them for more than 30 days, you are obligated to register them with us. We have attempted to make the registration process as easy as possible by accepting a variety of forms of payment, including electronic payment, credit card, checks, and cash. The table below shows the current version numbers and prices for all programs. The table also tells you what you will receive for registering.

Program Version Price per License Registration Policy/Benfits
KlepSig 1.1 $5 Registration required after 30 days. Registered version removes the 3 signature limitation of the shareware version.
NetBots 2.5.1 $15 Registered version allows more bots in the queue, disables shareware splash screen
HTML Markup 3.0 $15 Registered version allows footers, more custom sets, etc.
HTML Markdown 2.1 $7 Registered version disables credit line and shareware message
MacFolklore II 2.0.1 $5 Latest questions, directions for customization
HTML Markup, HTML Markdown, KlepSig, and NetBots can be purchased together at a discount for $30

There are three ways to register KlepHacks software:

Paying Directly with a Check

The preferred method of registering it simply to send a check to KlepHacks. Make sure the check is made out to "Scott J. Kleper" and send your check to:

Scott J. Kleper
Attn: [program(s) you're registering]
134 Caversham Woods
Pittsford, NY 14534-2834

If you pay by check, make sure you also include your email address so we can send you instructions on how to get the full versions.

Paying Through the Kagi Shareware Payment Service

If you pay through Kagi, you can pay by check, credit card, cash, or First Virtual electronic payment. This is a great option for international users and is also somewhat quicker. To register through Kagi, use the "Register" program that came with the program you've downloaded or download the latest "Register" program from the download page.

Registering Electronically through the Web

Kagi has recently set up a way for users to register through the web. To take advantage of this method, you must pay by credit card. There are both normal and secure SSL versions of the form.

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