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KlepHacks is a Mac OS shareware company consisting of one developer, one marketer, one technical writer, and one President. They're all the same person and that person is me, Scott J. Kleper. I began writing shareware as a way to learn more about programming. My first programs were text editors and paint programs. I didn't really release anything to the public until I wrote HTML Markdown and HTML Markup in the summer of 1995. After the success of those two programs, I released further versions and came out with new titles. This is a synopsis but far more information is available in the KlepHacks Shareware FAQ.



Most of these programs I started to write because I thought they would be useful to me. Over time, they matured as a direct result of feedback from users. I'm very grateful for the many excellent suggestions I've received from users. If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or feedback, please do not hesitate to send email to <klephacks@kagi.com>. We'll get back to you right away! You may also want to subscribe to one of our mailing lists to stay informed.



Here are some kind words about our software:

About HTML Markup:

"[HTML Markup] saves us massive amounts of time, particularly when creating our online CyberGuide, which is chock-full of a few hundred links."
-Rich Santalesa, NetGuide Magazine

"If you want to post an article on your website, [HTML Markup] is the quickest way to get it done. I love this converter."
-Todd Frazier, Macintosh Support Pages

"For users who must enter large amounts of text into Web pages, relief is here."

About HTML Markdown:

"HTML Markdown will take your HTML code, toss out the tags, reformat your lists, and transmorgrafy all that weird HTML stuff into simple to spell-check text. Write your page, run it through HTML Markdown, pop it in the ol' spell-checker, find the mistakes, correct 'em, and go. No longer do you have to seem like a non-detail-oriented moron because you mispelled "teh" once again."

"I thought [HTML Markdown] was a strange idea when I first heard of it. But it immediately became a life saver when I wanted to convert a page with tables to a non-table version. (I used HTML Markdown to strip the HTML from the table portions of the page, cut them from the new text file, pasted them into the HTML page, and added a few HTML tags.) Thanks a lot! Great program."
-Perry Whittle

"Markdown is just what I've been looking for."
-Richard Toscan

About NetBots:

"Probably one of the most cool, and useful internet utilites available for the Mac... A must download."

"NetBots is very cool! It would be even cooler if I could create NetBot Cyberdog components that I could embed in any OpenDoc document!"
-Jim Black, Cyberdog Evangelist, Apple Computer, Inc.

"Great Programme! Keep up the good work!"
-Igor Couto

"Very, very cool."
-Lane Westlund

"Try them out, adopt a Bot."


About MacFolklore:

"If you want to be a legend yourself, you need to be Mac savvy. Just how savvy are you? Try MacFolklore to find out. A shareware game, it's well worth the $5 price tag, just to hear the riff from "Life in the Fast Lane" that greets each correct answer. Give the online, soundless demo a spin and get hooked, free of charge."
-Karen Liberatore, MacWorld Magazine

"It's all harmless fun, in a dull kind of way, and depending on your performance, you get a rating at the end. The rating system is rather strange though, with Nerd being awarded if you only get half right. Surely you're a nerd if you get them all right!"
-MacFormat Magazine

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