The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing - Issue 6.2 March / April 2001

Issue 6.2 March / April 2001

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Feature Review: PalmPix (PILOT)

The picture-taking process is sometimes planned, sometimes serendipitous. Rarely does an individual have a camera at hand at all timesŠtoo inconvenient, too big, too bulky, too complex. Missed photo opportunities are inevitable. A possible solution, introduced in February, 2000, is the Kodak PalmPix,* a compact image capture module that connects to many models of the Palm pocket organizer. The PalmPix and the Palm organizer are a good example of digital convergence, of two devices working together synergistically. Users can easily add image capture capability to their Palm organizer and carry the device with them anywhere.
*An illustrated version of this review is available at:

Physically, the PalmPix is 2.2 x 1.1 x 3.3 inches, and weighs 1.6 ounces. It contains two AAA batteries, which add to the weight, and provide sufficient power for up to 1000 shots. Technically, the PalmPix captures 24-bit color images, in VGA (640 x 480 pixels) and half-VGA (320 x 240 pixels).

The work of capturing an image is divided between the PalmPix module and the Palm organizer. The PalmPix contains a fixed focus lens and image sensor, and the Palm organizer, contains the PalmPix software (53K), and uses its display screen, memory, processor, and two of its buttons. The screen provides a low resolution monochromatic preview of the target image, and views of the program management controls. The Date Book button is pressed once for an interactive preview, and a second time for taking the picture, and the Scroll Up button is pressed for activating the 2x digital zoom.

The number of images that can be stored on the Palm organizer is dependent upon its available memory. The highest quality images average 100K, and several can be stored before the Palm organizer must be hot-synched to a host computer to transfer the images. The image transfer process is totally automatic after the hot-synch begins. The images appear in the user's Palm Desktop folder in the default JPG format, however the user can change the default to BMP if necessary.

The image quality is relatively low, not only in terms of the range of resolution (VGA and half-VGA), but also clarity and sharpness. The PalmPix is by no means a substitute for a conventional megapixel digital camera. Its strong point is its compact size, which makes it a convenient accessory for the Palm device, which the user is likely to carry on his or her person at most times. Just as the Palm device provides the means to input and retrieve text, the PalmPix provides a similar function for pictures.

In the realm of digital publishing the PalmPix can be used in the following ways:
* To record component locations while breaking down a computer system or other electronic device.
* To photograph whiteboard contents to document meetings and planning sessions.
* To capture images of new acquaintances and clients to maintain as part of a contact database.
* To record a sequence of images that show directions to a location for driving, or for walking within an office complex or printing plant.
* To capture location backdrops that may be used for product or model shots.
* To capture images of items that are under consideration for purchase, such as a variety of monitors. This makes it possible to show distinctive product differences, such as the location of controls, and involve others in the comparison shopping process. The device can also be helpful in taking visual notes at trade shows and exhibitions.
* To capture images that can be used for creative inspiration.
* To record images of design treatments that can be retained in a visual idea database.
* To create a visual record of everyday events that might otherwise be forgotten. In this sense the PalmPix provides visually, what a Palm organizer provides textually. It is an extension to what can be stored in the human brain.

The picture-taking process is executed by opening the PalmPix application. Clicking the Date Book button activates the image module, displaying a preview on the Palm display. The display image is rather coarse, but is sufficient for framing the image. Clicking the Date Book button again, captures the image, saves it in memory, and decrements the estimated remaining images by one.

The image management options within the PalmPix application are limited. The user can preview the image, rename it, file it in a folder, beam it to another Palm user, or delete it. The images are only held in the Palm device temporarily, until they can be transferred to a host computer, using a hot-sync session. Once the images are stored on the host they can be used with any compatible application and used or manipulated accordingly. $99.95

DTP Reviews

aBusinessCard (MAC/WIN)
aBusinessCard is a database-driven business and ID card speciality program that automates the production of cards incorporating custom designs, serial numbers, graphics, photos, and CMYK colors. The software makes it possible for businesses to use their personnel database to generate cards of all kinds, outputting them to a local desktop printer or typesetting machine. The program includes a library of templates enabling the user to produce attractive cards almost immediately. $22

Contact: Peninsula Group, Orchard House, St. Johns Avenue, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, Y016 4ND, England, +44(0) 1 262 673591,, e-mail:

20,000 Business Cards (WIN )
20,000 Business Cards provides over 20,000 templates for the rapid creation of virtually any type of business card (in horizontal or vertical orientation). The program simply requires filling in the variable information that comprises a card. The intelligent Card Wizard then inserts the personal information into a variety of card variations. The package includes 10,000 pieces of clip art, and allows the user to import their own graphics, logos, and special text effects. The cards can be printed on any desktop printer, or sent electronically via e-mail. The package includes a supply of Data Becker's professional Smooth Edge non-perforated business card paper. $19.95

Contact: Data Becker Corp., 210 Highland Avenue, Needham Heights, MA 02494, 781 453-2340,, fax: 781 433-2663.

Addition / Extension Reviews

Troi Graphic Plug-in 1.0 (MAC)
Troi Graphic Plug-in 1.0 adds graphics functions to FileMaker Pro 4.0. It lets the user create container fields in any RGB color, capture the state of a screen into a container, and make thumbnails of large images. $49

Contact: Troi Automatisering, 31 172-426606,

Astro 1.0 (MAC)
Astro 1.0 is a FileMaker 5.0 run-time (FileMaker is not required) that is used to catalog and manage collections of digital assets, both image- and non-image-based. The program quickly catalogs and indexes any disk (CD-ROM, hard drive, Zip, etc.) and builds thumbnails (of PICT, JPEG, and GIF), if so instructed. If thumbnails are not created during the catalog-building process, they can be created selectively, at any future time. With the use of FileMaker's search engine, the user can quickly locate any file, or browse if so inclined.

A large number of disks can be cataloged, with a listing maintained for easy selection. Disks can be searched individually, or en masse, by filename and file type.

The program was developed jointly by Troi Automatisering and ECXS Information Systems (Passeerdersgracht 20e, 1016 XH  Amsterdam, 020 6220777, e-mail: A fully functioning demo version is available at, or $199

Contact: Troi Automatisering, 31 172-426606,

Troi Text Plug-in 2.0 (MAC/WIN)
Troi Text Plug-in 2.0 is a plug-in for FileMaker 4.0 or higher that provides capabilities that are not a part of the standard FileMaker feature set. Through the use of the plug-in the user can do such things as combine sets from two text fields (getting all lines that are the same, or that are different, or that conform to some other combination of attributes), get unique lines and sort words and lines, parse XML text, and more.

The plug-in consists of 14 functions, each producing a very specific response or result. For example, the TrText-Highlight (Mac OS only), highlights a word or phrase so that it can easily be detected in a long text field; and TrText-GetLine, returns the n-th line of the text. $29

Contact: Troi Automatisering, 31 172-426606,! (MAC/WIN)! is a plug-in for FileMaker Pro that supports sending (with optional attachments), receiving, and managing e-mail from within an existing FileMaker database.

The plug-in enables a FileMaker developer to add many e-mail client features to a database, a feat that radically improves the communication process, and provides a new level of access to e-mail-based information.

Like many fully featured e-mail clients,! allows the user to check mail at a user-defined interval, save incoming attachments to a local or network folder, Reply/Forward/Cc/Bcc, support HTML and rich text for incoming mail, auto-reply (with script), check for mail from a specific sender or subject before downloading, and much more.

Working in concert with FileMaker, the plug-in can be used to create mass mailings and manage surveys and other forms of data gathering. $59

Contact: Dacons International Inc., RR2 Site 81 Comp 6, Smithers, B.C. V0J 2N0, Canada,, e-mail:, fax: 250 847-0219.

Troi Text Plug-in 2.0 (MAC/WIN)
Troi Text Plug-in 2.0 is a plug-in for FileMaker 4.0 or higher that provides capabilities that are not a part of the standard FileMaker feature set. Through the use of the plug-in the user can do such things as combine sets from two text fields (getting all lines that are the same, or that are different, or that conform to some other combination of attributes), get unique lines and sort words and lines, parse XML text, and more.

The plug-in consists of 14 functions, each producing a very specific response or result. For example, the TrText-Highlight (Mac OS only), highlights a word or phrase so that it can easily be detected in a long text field; and TrText-GetLine, returns the n-th line of the text. $29

Contact: Troi Automatisering, 31 172-426606,

Image Collection Reviews

QuickArt Deluxe 1 (MAC/WIN)
QuickArt Deluxe 1 is a CD-ROM-based image collection of 3200 300 dpi black-and-white illustrations for Mac (TIFF and PICT) or PC (TIF and PCX). The images are of a general nature, providing a good, broad assortment of images covering a wide variety of 59 topics, including: Animals (8 categories), Borders, Education, Food (9 categories), Holidays (3 categories), Maps (2 categories), People (5 categories), Plants (4 categories), Transportation, Travel, and Weather. The collection is provided with an image viewer (Mariah) for searching, displaying, and exporting images.

The line-art images are provided in black-and-white format, but can be colorized manually using any bitmap paint program, or the color tools in many desktop publishing applications. $129.95

Contact: Wheeler Arts, 66 Lake Park, Champaign, IL 61822-7132, 217 359-6816,, e-mail:, fax: 217 359-8716.

QuickArt Deluxe 2 (MAC/WIN)
QuickArt Deluxe 2 is the second in a two volume collection of line-art images. This volume is a hybrid Macintosh (TIFF, PICT) and PC (PCX) disc containing 3200 images, again in 59 subject classifications, similar to in subject matter, but totally different in images, from volume 1. The collection includes an image viewer with search features, and a printed catalog of all of the images.

The 300 dpi black-and-white images can be used in most page layout, word processing, and Web page programs. The liberal usage policy provides rights to use image in any personal creative work. If an image is used in a commercial product, which is permissible, there must be a printed credit to Wheeler Arts. "If Quick Art comprises 50% or more of a commercial product, additional royalties may be required." $129.95

Contact: Wheeler Arts, 66 Lake Park, Champaign, IL 61822-7132, 217 359-6816,, e-mail:, fax: 217 359-8716.

Sewing+ (MAC/WIN)
Sewing+ is a cross-platform CD-ROM consisting of 1,000 bitmap images related to sewing (needles, thread, pins, sewing machines, scissors, rippers, etc.) and associated crafts (yarn, holiday themes, glue, brushes, baskets, etc.). The images can be used to illustrate the sewing and craft process, or to use directly with sewing/embroidery machines. All images are provided in black-and-white and classified in one of the following categories: Borders, Calligraphy, Clothing, Crafts, Fabrics, Holidays, Knitting, Nature, Nimble, Notions, Quilting, Ribbons, Sewing, Symbols, and Trims. Pictures of all images are provided in a user manual. $129.95

Contact: Wheeler Arts, 66 Lake Park, Champaign, IL 61822-7132, 217 359-6816,, e-mail:, fax: 217 359-8716.

CD-ROM Reviews

Discgear Selector 100 (ALL)
Discgear Selector 100 is a compact automated disc storage case that conveniently dispenses discs using a built-in catalog system. A title sheet is stored beneath the main unit, and is revealed by pressing the Title Sheet Bar. The sheet shows the contents of the unit, with an address associated with each disc. The user next slides the Selector Button to the address, and presses the Retrieval Bar which opens the Selector Cover and reveals the target disc which has been raised from its home position.

Digital publishers will find this near-line disc storage system not only fast and responsive, but easy to manage. The Discgear site provides access to a database management system wherein the user can enter information about each disc and then print the title sheet. The mechanism itself is well-made and backed by a lifetime guarantee. $109.95

Contact: CD3 Storage Systems, Inc., 301 Hester's Crossing Road, Suite 202, Round Rock, TX 78681, 800 388-7597,, e-mail:

Toast 5 Titanium (MAC)
Toast 5 Titanium is the most feature-packed CD burning software available for the Macintosh, and likely, for any computer. It combines ease-of-use with sophisticated and all encompassing CD- and DVD-writing and reproduction capabilities.

The program sports a new, streamlined look that simplifies the basic functions of creating a new audio or data disc, or of duplicating an existing disc. Roxio research has found that 94% of the discs produced by their users fall into these three categories. A user can easily begin the process of making such a disc in seconds. Once the process is underway, the user can attend to other computer tasks since the program now supports background burning.

Roxio has folded in the capabilities of their Toast DVD product into Toast 5 Titanium. In addition to burning DVDs, a user can produce hybrid Macintosh and Windows CDs, videoCDs, audio CDs, and CD-ROM XA and Mixed Mode CDs, such as Sony PlayStation CDs, Enhanced Music CDs, and Karaoke CDs for which the user has a valid copyright license. VideoCDs, containing digital video movies, can be read on most DVD-equipped computers and home DVD players.

Toast 5 supports the automatic conversion of MP3 files into audio CD format, or retaining their format for play on MP3 players. Music CDs can be burned from music obtained from virtually any source: records, tapes, CDs, or MP3s. The CD Spin Doctor program, which is provided, supports the transfer of analog music (using a supplied cable), on vinyl or tape cassettes, into digital format. The program can eliminate unwanted noise, such as crackling, clicks, pops, and hisses.

Other features include: The Toast Audio Extractor, to rip audio files directly from a CD; Qdesign MVP, an MP3 player application; MPEG encoding, useful for burning iMovies onto Video CDs; support for the Joliet format, which maintains long file names on Windows PCs; CD or DVD Copy, which produces a bit for bit copy; creation of bootable CDs; support for Mac/ISO Hybrid, Enhanced Music CD, CD-DA, Mixed Mode, CD extra (multimedia, audio and data), Multitrack CD-ROM XA, multisession CD, Video CD, CD-I, Disc Image, MP3 Disc, Disc At Once (DAO), Track At Once, 700MB CD, and 80 minute CD; CDDB or FreeDB support for automatic download of song titles from the Internet; Retrospect compatibility; Web-CheckUp (to download latest program updates); and more.

In addition to its full complement of CD- and DVD-burning capabilities, the program is bundled with Magic Mouse Discus (with free templates), a utility that supports the creation of attractive, professional-looking CD labels and jewel case inserts. Users can also benefit from the copy of iView Multimedia which is included. The program provides a rich environment in which to organize, manage, and present sounds, movies, images, and fonts. The user can create annotated thumbnail catalogs that can be searched, even when the source files are not mounted. The assets can be composed into slide shows, video postcards, contact sheets, and QuickTime movies. Web galleries containing digital assets can be published in HTML and shared on the Web. $99.95

Contact: Roxio, Inc., 461 S. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035, 408 259-ROXI (7694),

BurnWrite CD Studio Deluxe (WIN )
BurnWrite CD Studio Deluxe is an easy-to-use application for recording audio or data to recordable CDs. The software interface is streamlined and can be changed through the use of changeable skins. All popular audio formats are supported (MP3, WMA, WAV, AIFF, and CDA), and data CDs can be burned for any popular OS.

The application also includes several related programs that extend and enhance the CD recording process. These programs include: the SureThing CD Labeler, to produce professional-quality labels and jewel case inserts; InstantRecovery, to create an image backup of a hard drive or partition; ShowOff, to create self-running multimedia slide shows and organize and manage digital assets in \"virtual\" photo albums; and MovieExplorer, for importing and editing digital video. $59.95

Contact: Macmillan Digital Publishing, 201 West 103rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46290, 800 571-1097, 317 817-7290,, fax: 317 817-7025.

Digital CD Recording Studio II Professional Edition (WIN )
Digital CD Recording Studio II Professional Edition is an advanced feature application that supports the conversion of virtually any analog or digital source into a 16-bit audio file. Professional level controls, such as a precision 10-band equalizer, filter, fade and stereo simulation are conveniently accessible. Several sophisticated audio editing tools are provided for mixing, splitting, uniting, comparing, trimming, and reversing.

Audio files can be viewed in 2D or 3D spectral analysis, parametric, and waveform configurations for flexible controlled edits. Unwanted hissing, popping, clicking and other defects can be removed using the suite of restoration filters. Filters can be combined using the Filter-Builder to create new filters that accomplish specific tasks.

Song compilations and playlists can be managed flexibly before committing them to a disc that can be played on any CD player. The gap times can be set and silence detector thresholds can be adjusted. $99.95

Contact: Macmillan Digital Publishing, 201 West 103rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46290, 800 571-1097, 317 817-7290,, fax: 317 817-7025.

Internet Reviews

VideoLink Pro (MAC)
VideoLink Pro is the first desktop H.323 v3 standard video conferencing solution for the Macintosh providing phone, chat and video. It supports real-time audio and video over the Internet or a LAN using Apple QuickTime. Through the use of the H.323 standard Macintosh users can communicate with other Macintosh users as well as MS Windows users. The H.323 standard includes the following standards: Chat-H.245, Audio-G723 & G.711, Video-H.263, and all GateKeeper H.323 protocols.

The attractive interface provides two video windows, one showing the outbound video, the other the incoming video. The chat window shows the running text and history, and the LCD Document Window shows elapsed time and connection status.

Users connect using their e-mail or IP addresses, and the program works with most USB and FireWire cameras. Single user, $39.95; 10-user multi-pack, $199.95.

Contact: Smith Micro Software, 51 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, 714 362-5811, 800 964-7674, WWW:, fax: 714 362-2300.

Whistle Blower 2 (MAC)
Whistle Blower 2 (formerly Server Sitter) is a utility application that runs on a computer other than the server that it is monitoring. It observes a target server's operation, ensuring that it remains available on-line at all times. If it encounters a problem it can alert the administrator through a system sound alert, by speaking a sound file, by sending e-mail, or by initiating a page. With the use of a hardware device, such as KickOFF (Sophisticated Circuits), it can automatically restart the server.

The program can be set-up to intelligently contact the right systems operator, depending upon the time of day, or the day of the week. It can also be programmed to ignore scheduled downtimes for system maintenance. It can also recognize the severity of the downtime, responding differently if the outage is 5, 10, or 20 minutes long.

Whistle Blower connects to a wide variety of servers, such as Web, AppleShare IP, DNS, FileMaker Pro, POP3, News, QuickTime Streaming, and other categories of server. It can also verify that virtually any kind of server is up by sending a standard Ping (PPC only) to any device that listens for incoming TCP connections. It goes beyond conventional Ping capability by testing that the proper responses are being sent by CGI scripts and databases. $90

Contact: James Sentman,, e-mail:

WebMerge 1.5 (MAC/WIN)
WebMerge 1.5 is a utility that makes it possible to print static Web pages from virtually any database program (Merge or tab-delimited format). Users can publish an unlimited number of Web pages quickly without the hassle and expense of dedicating a server to the task. Although programs such as FileMaker Pro provide direct support for serving database information over the Web, in real-time, Fourth World Media Corporation suggests that the process can require more of a financial investment than an individual or small business is willing to make. By publishing to static Web pages, instead, the data can be posted to any Web server worldwide.

The manual creation of Web pages from any database, is time-consuming...the more records, the more fields, the more time. With the use of WebMerge 1.5, data exported from a database, in the form of a text file, is merged with a Web template page. Tags in the template pages are replaced by data from each of the database records. The result is standard HTML files that can be used on any Web server, even AOL.

The merging process is easy, and once set-up, can be saved for use with the Auto-Run and Auto-Quit options. The program, if so instructed, will convert URLs into live HTML hyperlinks. For Macintosh, the program is also AppleScriptable.

The workflow consists of exporting the selected data from the database in the form of a Merge or tab delimited file. The user constructs an HTML template, by hand or using an HTML editor, in which tags are composed to show where specific fields will be placed. Using WebMerge, and indicating the database, and the template, a new HTML file is created for each record. $69

Contact: Fourth World Media Corporation, 620 Moulton Avenue, Studio 101, Los Angeles, CA 90031, 323 225-3717,, e-mail:, fax: 323 225-0716.

WebCatalog 4.0 (MAC/WIN/LINUX)
WebCatalog 4.0 is differentiated from other on-line store-building software by its ease of use and range of capabilities. The program generates Dynamic HTML pages, and features integrated order management capabilities, built-in product indexing for quick searches, and customer relationship-building properties such as the capability to target future product offerings to customers' preferences. Users are able to create an unlimited number of eCommerce storefronts, all with back office order management and payment authorization support.

The software is supported with a StoreBuilder Wizard which eases the process of uploading graphics, editing product placement, changing pricing information, selecting payment processors, and selecting product options. Users can select from a variety of StoreBuilder templates that address a wide range of design decisions. Although the program simplifies storefront construction for novices, with no programming required, it also supports sophisticated custom development through the use of its Dreamweaver extension. $3495

Contact: Smith Micro Software, 16855 W. Bernardo Dr., #380, San Diego, CA 92127, 858 675-1106, 800 477-1543, WWW:, fax: 858 675-0372.

Utility Reviews

Black & Bleu 3.0 (MAC)
Black & Bleu 3.0 is an error code analyzer containing a database of over 5000 Macintosh error codes along with their Apple description, detailed explanations, and most importantly, suggested remedies. Despite the user friendliness of the Macintosh, it can still return error code messages that are cryptic and relatively meaningless. Using Black & Bleu, the user can search for the error code, by number, name, word, or phrase, and view its meaning, either in the context of a normal user (non-technical) or a software developer (technical). The user can also add their own notes to the listing to explain such things as when the error was likely to occur, and how the user could eliminate it from happening.

Because an error may be fatal, and keep the computer from starting up, Black & Bleu can be run from a CD-ROM, and used as a start-up disc. $29

Contact: Bleu Rose Ltd., P.O. Box 5536, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745-0536, 626 913-7996,, e-mail:, fax: 626 965-6241.

BBEdit 6.0.2 (MAC)
BBEdit 6.0.2, the latest version of this versatile text editor, helps to ensure its distinction as the most powerful text processing tool available. It does so by adding support for multi-byte characters, including Unicode. It has also added markup tools, syntax coloring, and syntax checking for HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, Compact HTML 2.0 (used for i-Mode cellular phones), and WML 1.1 (Wireless Markup Language).

BBEdit works with ASCII text rather than the embedded commands that are a part of all word processing programs. As such it produces output that can be used in any Web page, free of the arbitrary line breaks and codes that are generated in a word processor. BBEdit has always been a favorite among Web designers who have chosen to deal with raw code rather than submit to a WYSIWYG editor. BBEdit supports this by presenting HTML codes in a different color than the content that they control, and providing complex search and replace functions, and line numbering. A BBEdit file can be previewed in realtime in all running browsers.

The program also incorporates multiple Clipboards, so that many snippets of text can be stored temporarily and accessed immediately. The list of new and improved features is long and impressive (see $119

Contact: Bare Bones Software, Inc., POB 1048, Bedford, MA 01730-0108, 781 687-0700,, e-mail:, fax: 781 687-0711.

StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 (MAC)
StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 incorporates new patent-pending technology called ReturnReceipt() which automatically generates a return e-mail message when the recipient of an e-mail attachment uncompresses an archived file.

Improving on a very strong dependable product, Aladdin has also implemented a clever search function called ArchiveSearch, which lets users search and locate items within StuffIt archives. Compressed items are normally totally hidden within the archive in which they are contained. Users can now search and find individually compressed files by name, date, kind, size, and other parameters.

The program includes a host of new features including: expanded support for additional file types; automatic notification of new versions; generation of self-extracting Windows archives from the Mac; generation of either Zip or StuffIt for Windows; DropConverter to update old StuffIt archives to the newest format; and more. $79.95

Contact: Aladdin Systems, Inc., 165 Westridge Drive, Watsonville, CA 95076, 408/761-6200, 800 480-4011, Internet:, fax: 408/761-6206, WWW:

TextBroom 3 (MAC)
TextBroom 3 is a utility for cleaning up plain ASCII text files that do not conform with the structure necessary for digital publishing. Its functions are a text book for what can go wrong with a \"plain\" text file. The program addresses the following problems:

* Multiple Spaces. The program can replace multiple spaces with a single space, or if a series of spaces have been used in place of a tab, the program can replace them with a single tab. * Multiple Tabulators. The program can deal with exported text files from spreadsheets and other tab-intensive file formats by either replacing multiple tabs with a single tab, or replacing them with a user-selected character that can be acted upon later in the page layout program or elsewhere. * Multiple Returns. Consecutive multiple returns can be converted to a single return, or to any number of returns that are required. * Line Breaks. Hard returns can be removed while retaining legitimate double returns, which signify paragraphs. In addition, formfeeds (UNIX, ASCII 12) and linefeeds (DOS, ASCII 10), can be removed. * Missing Spaces. The program can detect if a space is missing after a comma or period and insert one. If the character following a comma or period is a number it will not insert a space. * Superfluous Spaces. The program can remove unwanted spaces before commas, periods, colons, semicolons, carriage returns, question marks, exclamation marks, and before and/or after, hyphens, tabs, or user-defined characters. * Hyphens within Words. After line breaks have been removed, it is possible that they have left behind superfluous hyphens, since hyphenated words are now joined. The user can remove them and specify that they not be removed if the next character is upper case, or if the previous or next character is a number. * E-mail Quotes. E-mail quotes, usually signified with \">\" characters, can be removed. * Remove Duplicates. Duplicate listings can be removed by specifying the delimiter character (i.e. tab, comma, etc.) used in the database report file. * Collect or Delete Similar. This useful function will collect or remove similarly composed strings of text, such as e-mail addresses (which always contain \"@\"), or URLs, which usually contain \"www.\" * Upper/lower Case. Radio buttons are provided to change a range of text to upper case, lower case, sentence caps, or word caps. Two-letter caps, which are a common typing error, can also be corrected. * Thousands Separators. This function acts only on numbers, and can either delete a thousands separator or replace it with a comma or other character selected by the user.

A 24-use trial version is available at The full version is available for $20.

Contact: Blue Line Studios, Hueningerst 18, CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland, ++41 61 322 3555,, e-mail:, fax: ++41 61 322 3555.

TEXTbook 1.6 (MAC)
TEXTbook 1.6 is a utility program that enables a user to store, read, sort, and search a collection of text files that are organized into a set of folders. The program can process text files from any source, including those that are typed directly into the application. Hypertext links can be established between any text and any file.

A listing of the folders is maintained in a pop-up menu, comprising an overview of the contents of the TEXTbook. As each folder is selected a list of its contents appears in a scrolling list below the menu. Simply clicking a file from the listing reveals its contents in the main field to the right. The menu can consist of up to 128 folders, and a single TEXTbook can contain up to 32,000 files. A single text file can have up to ten pictures connected to it.

A digital publisher will find the program useful for storing and accessing e-mail messages, cataloging files from a CD-ROM, or analyzing files culled from on-line research. Authors will find the program useful for writing and organizing content for a book or a technical manual. Shareware. $15

Contact: Sequoia Coast Software, P.O. Box 3237, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-3237,, e-mail:

CD Folder Partitioner 1.0 (MAC)
CD Folder Partitioner 1.0 is a handy utility program that simplifies the process of dividing a collection of files into groups that can fit onto a CD-R, Zip cartridge, or other size-specific medium. The user can divide a given folder into multiple sub-folders, each of a defined size (from 2MB to 2Tb) that can be copied onto a set of target media. The program maintains the organization of the original folder and can be used to regroup the folders into their previous order. A fully functional trial version, with limited partition size, is available at $19

Contact: TRI-EDRE, 22 Place de L'Eglise, BP111, 83510 Lorgues, France, 33 04 98 10 10 50,, fax: 33 04 98 10 10 55.

ACDSee 1.5 for Mac (MAC)
ACDSee 1.5 for Mac is a media filing, cataloging and viewing utility that supports more than 40 image and multimedia file formats. It incorporates several batch file functions that make quick work of applying such actions as renaming, rotating and converting.

Among the program's main features are: creating and printing thumbnail contact sheets; browsing thumbnails of off-line images; saving images in HTML for sharing on the Web; converting images in any of ten formats; customizing the image viewing experience (manual, auto zoom, auto-window resize, and full-screen modes); playing movie clips and sound files which can also be grouped together for consecutive playback; making slide shows; adding metadata to each image; printing images with their names and descriptions; flexibly searching by name, type and date; and more.

The program interface is very easy to use, and consists of a Browse Window, for locating and managing files, and a View Window for working with a single file. More than one View Window can be opened. $39.95 for the digital download, add $15 for a version on CD-ROM.

Contact: ACD Systems (US), 800 819-2207, 2201 North Collins, #100, Arlington, TX 76011; ACD Systems (Canada), POB 730, Victoria, BC V8W 2P9, 250 382-5828,, fax: 250 544-0291.

Ultralingua English Collegiate Dictionary (MAC/WIN)
The Ultralingua English Collegiate Dictionary is an award-winning dictionary application that is differentiated from other products by both its speed (a search begins as soon as the user begins typing), and its comprehensive database (about 200,000 definitions). The definitions are clear and easy-to-understand, and include synonyms (meaning that it is a thesaurus as well). Among its unique features is a secondary definition window, wherein another definition can be displayed while still viewing the original target definition.

A dictionary is an absolute essential reference for any digital publisher. This dictionary application, while powerful and complete, requires only slightly more than 12MB of hard disk space, and runs in only 800K.

In addition to providing definitions, the dictionary contains thousands of phrases, technical terms, slang words and phrases, and proverbs. Easily accessible on-line references are provided for checking grammatical rules, reviewing specimen letters for various forms of correspondence, checking U.S. geographic abbreviations, and viewing tables of weights and measures.

The program provides a Magic Key function whereby words in any application, such as word processor, can be sent to Ultralingua for look-up. From within the dictionary application itself a user can locate words and their definitions even if they are unsure of the spelling by using wildcards. On a speech-enabled system the user can hear a selected word read aloud by using the \"Read Selection\" option from the Sound menu. The dictionary can be tested on-line at $29.95

Contact: Ultralingua, e-mail:

500 Essential Programs For Your Palm (WIN )
500 Essential Programs For Your Palm includes a large collection of office and business tools (50+), information and reference guides (200+), city and travel resources (50+), tools and utilities (100+), games (20+), and more, including a bonus of over 100 shareware programs. The programs are selectable from a comprehensive user interface that provides access to Palm programs by category, showing program names, details, a description, and a preview of the Palm screen. $39.95

Contact: Data Becker Corp., 210 Highland Avenue, Needham Heights, MA 02494, 781 453-2340,, fax: 781 433-2663.

ACDSee 3.1 PowerPack (WIN )
ACDSee 3.1 PowerPack is a suite of three programs: ACDSee 3.1, FotoCanvas, and FotoAngelo. ACDSee is an image management program incorporating image filing, cataloging, and viewing. FotoCanvas is a photo editor, useful for executing corrective measures, applying special effects, and modifying an entire image or a selected portion. FotoAngelo is a utility that can be used to produce a multimedia slideshow, or to create a screensaver.

The ACDSee 3.1 feature set includes: red-eye reduction; previewing of over 50 image and multimedia file types including Adobe EPS and PDF; directly capturing scanner or digital camera images using TWAIN; converting files in any of 15+ image formats; applying image corrections to crop, resize, sharpen, and light adjust images; sharing images via e-mail using the Sendpix photo server; creating HTML photo albums for posting on the Web; assembling and printing photo contact sheets; adding personalized descriptions to each image; searching by author, title, keyword and description; processing images in batches; and more. Newly added is the LuraWave image compression engine.

FotoCanvas is an easy-to-use image editor containing a fundamental tool set which includes: eight drawing tools; over 16 color and light blending modes; selection tools, including magic wand and lasso; a text tool; cut, copy, and paste functions for combining images; several correction tools; direct file import using TWAIN, and more. The program also accepts Adobe photo editing plug-ins.

FotoAngelo makes it easy to produce on-screen presentations with manual or pre-timed automatic playback. Users can apply image transition effects, and add sound and text. $79.95

Contact: ACD Systems (US), 800 819-2207, 2201 North Collins, #100, Arlington, TX 76011; ACD Systems (Canada), POB 730, Victoria, BC V8W 2P9, 250 382-5828,, fax: 250 544-0291.

Multimedia Reviews

Amadeus II (MAC)
Amadeus II is a utility for the creation, manipulation, and analysis of sounds. It supports the direct recording of live audio, or input from any external source, such as a tape recorder, record player, or digital file in MP3, AIFF, QuickTime or WAVE format. The program features direct-to-disc capability so that massively large files (up to 2GB, equally about 3 hours of high quality music) can be produced.

The program provides several views of sound waves including one in which the entire work can viewed in one window. With the use of markers that are easily set and annotated, the user can make edits quickly and easily. What is more, with the sound repair tools the user can easily transfer vinyl recordings to CD and eliminate unwanted crackles, hisses and pops.

Not only can the program act on existing sounds with the use of filters, such as echo, but it can generate pure sounds directly. The program also provides the professional user with exhaustive analyzing functions, on recorded sounds in real-time and on the sound input. The real-time tools include two types of spectrum analysis with 10 to 512 bands, an oscilloscope and a waterfall display. Tools available on recorded sounds include precise spectrum analysis (up to 32000 bands), animated spectrum, 3D spectrum, waveform statistics and sonograms. The program is downloadable from $25 shareware

Contact: Martin Hairer, 19, ch.des Cyprés, CH-1226 Thonex, Switzerland, 41 22 702 63 84,, e-mail:

eZediaMX version 2.0 (MAC/WIN)
eZediaMX version 2.0 is touted as the \"world's most friendly, easy-to-use, multimedia software for Windows and Mac OS.\" It may be that, with powerful capabilities, such as automated button and pull-down menu creation, and drag-and-drop importing of a wide variety of media. The program is free of burdensome scripting, programming, or coding, and provides intuitive controls for linking visual sequencing, branching for interactive media display, and controlling timing for objects and interactions.

The program's visual nature has made it a favorite for schools and colleges, requiring little or no learning curve. Students can use its basic capabilities to produce displays and e-books, while teachers can author sophisticated interactive training materials, study units, lessons, and testing materials. The program can store, retrieve and calculate data, and can generate and score multiple choice questions. Other features include: basic movie editing tools; support for QuickTime VR nodes and hotspots; complete animation functionality including objects on paths, cell animation, and step animation; realtime recording of sound, narration, and music; audible text, and much more. Users can distribute the free eZedia Player, and projects produced on either platform can be read on the other. $199

Contact: eZedia Inc., 2-396 Assiniboine Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3C 0Y1, 877 408-0195, 204 984-9764,, e-mail:, fax: 204 956-4960.

ConceptDraw 1.55 (MAC/WIN)
ConceptDraw 1.55 is a cross-platform drawing application. It comes with more than 80 libraries containing more than 1700 objects that can be used for creating charts and diagrams of all kinds. In addition, the user can create new libraries using the extensive palette of drawing tools.

ConceptDraw makes it easy to connect objects by using Smart Connectors that move when objects are repositioned. This functionality makes the creation of such things as organizational charts, much easier. In addition, the parameters that define each object, such as line color, thickness, text styles, fills, patterns, etc., can be copied and applied to other objects by using the Make Same Style tool.

The program has several unique features, including complete Internet integration. The user can add links to connect to Web addresses, open files, or launch other applications right from the drawing page. The user can add the links very simply, and can just as simply export the page to HTML and incorporate it into a Web site. The program can also import directly from an MS Visio document, which sets it apart from other drawing programs.

ConceptDraw provides a highly precise environment. For example, it has 17 tools for dimensioning and alignment. Objects can be endowed with intelligent behavior that is triggered by mathematical functions and formulae. A variety of smart objects ship with the program, and the user can create their own. $149 boxed, $125 electronic.

Contact: Computer Systems Odessa, 2a Chkalova str, Odessa 65012 Ukraine, phone/fax: +380 482 266576,, e-mail:

The Home Gene-Splicing Kit Version 2.0 (MAC/WIN)
The Home Gene-Splicing Kit Version 2.0 is an innovative and fun application of digital imaging technology that makes it possible for users to create \"mutant\" life forms. Users combine portions of faces from their own library of family, friend, and pet photos or combine them with the Gene Donors in the kit. The program consists of three basic elements: The Gene-Splicing Machine, where the metamorphosis occurs; the Gene Generator, for importing pictures directly; and the Cryogenic Freezer, for storing the images.

Users can import photos in .pict, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tiff, PictureCD or PhotoCD file formats. The program uses 72 dpi resolution, so that photos from virtually any source, including low-end digital cameras will work. The program is only $9.98 downloaded, $12.48 for the CD-ROM, and $1.75 each for any of the downloadable donor packs (boys, girls, men, women, dogs, cats, monkeys, monsters, etc.).

Contact: You Betcha! Interactive, 13428 Maxella Ave., #401, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, 310 578-1912,, fax: 310 823-4159.

FACES 3.0 is the standard in the area of composite facial picture creation. The program produces photographic-quality facial images suitable for print. It has been featured several times on the television show America's Most Wanted, and has been credited with the apprehension of numerous criminals. In light of its potential usefulness it has been donated to over 50,000 police departments in North America. It is used by over 100,000 law enforcement officers worldwide, and is an official tool used by the FBI in their regular training program.

The program uses a morphological coding system which establishes, for the first time, an international standard for creating composite pictures. The coding system allows users to be compatible, and makes it possible to send coded descriptions faster by any communications channel. Each FACES element (noses, mouths, eyebrows, etc.) has been classified and coded to make their selection both easier and, more importantly, expressed in a form that can be easily communicated. The InterCode, or ID Code, looks like a license plate number, reducing the complex, photo-like image into an alphanumeric representation that can be easily communicated to anyone with the FACES software, and re-generated. In essence it creates a fingerprint code that is unique to the face that it represents. The code for Harrison Ford, for example, is 5EAYp8fScU2D6vAFw17Zf5djzlx7sk7AuaK-8K.

The program is useful to digital publishers as an endless source of facial artwork. It can be used to create the face of virtually anyone...celebrities to the infamous; you, your family, and your friends. It has received several awards, as well as official endorsements from Crime Stoppers International, Child Find Canada, and many more organizations.

The program is easy to use, and a new user can create a complete picture in less than two minutes. The FACES database consists of approximately 3850 facial features, from actual photographs, and a wide variety of accessories (glasses, beards, hats, etc.). It can produce the face of virtually any adult (ages 17 to 65) of either sex and of any race. $49.95

Contact: IQ Biometrix, 5675, Chemin Chambly, Suite 050, Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada J3Y 3R1, 450 445-1266, 888 321-9660,, fax: 450 445-9660.

eZ-Motion (MAC/WIN)
eZ-Motion is a flexible environment for creating sophisticated animated graphics for deployment in the form of banner ads for the Web. The program supports a wide variety of file formats for import, and can take advantage of existing 3D models by animating them with ease. The program also exports to several popular formats, including Flash, SVG, animated GIF, QuickTime, Windows Media, and RealVideo. First-time users can produce professional results with the use of templates and professional animations and artwork which are bundled with the program. The templates, combined with the easy-to-use animation editor, provide a rich environment in which even modest creative talent can flourish. $99

Contact: BeatWare, 1779 Woodside Road, Suite 200, Redwood City, CA 94061, 650 556-7906,, fax: 650 556-7902.

TealMovie (PILOT)
TealMovie Multimedia System is a miniature player for displaying video and animation with sound (on Palm handhelds models above Palm III), at framerates up to 25 fps, in color or grayscale directly on a Palm display. Movies can be encoded from AVI and WAV files using the TealMovie Encoder which runs under most versions of Windows. A library of TealMovie titles is maintained at $19.95

Contact: TealPoint Software, 454 Las Gallinas Ave Suite #318, San Rafael, CA 94903-3618,

Sound Clips 10,000 (WIN )
Sound Clips 10,000 is a comprehensive set of eight CD-ROMs containing over 10,000 WAV format royalty-free samples. The files are categorized into Rock/Pop, Classical, Dance/House, Hip Hop, Techno, New Age, Vocals, and Sound Effects. The sophisticated user interface provides an easy way to browse through files and listen to and process their contents. The program not only includes the sound clips, but a four-way mixer for processing the digital files. $39.95

Contact: Data Becker Corp., 210 Highland Avenue, Needham Heights, MA 02494, 781 453-2340,, fax: 781 433-2663.

VIDiO Live Events (WIN )
VIDiO Live Events is a multi-purpose suite of applications that supports virtually any USB video camera. The user can produce a live video stream, using TeVeo servers, or stream still images and audio clips using the Jukebox feature. Captured events can be stored on the user's hard drive, or uploaded to the site for viewing from any Web browser. When not in use for event streaming, the software's motion detection engine can be used to monitor movement in the camera's environment. The user has the option of e-mail, and upcoming, phone and pager notification. $49.95

Contact: TeVeo Inc., 2665 Marine Way, Mountain View, CA 94043, 650 237-6800,, e-mail:, fax: 650 962-9800.

PowerMovie (WIN )
PowerMovie is a program that produces animations, videos, and special effects that can be added to a PowerPoint presentation, or utilized on the Web. It features animated actions; special graphic effects (blurs shadows, gradients); 3D graphics; text and graphics along a curve, circle, or wave; filters, masks, and object blending; and more. Users can select among several output formats, including animated GIF or JPEG, Apple QuickTime, or MS Windows Media. $49

Contact: BeatWare, 1779 Woodside Road, Suite 200, Redwood City, CA 94061, 650 556-7906,, fax: 650 556-7902.

Networking Reviews

TSStalk (WIN )
TSStalk is a networking utility that enables a Microsoft Windows-based computer to share both files and PostScript printers with a Macintosh. The software provides access to AppleShare and AppleShare IP servers on the Macintosh, and connection to AppleTalk PostScript printers through the Network Neighborhood, or Network Places. The software installs on all versions of Windows using an easy-to-follow Setup Wizard, and requires no additional software on the Macintosh. A free trial version is available from the Thursby site at $149

Contact: Thursby Software Systems, Inc., 5840 W. Interstate 20, Arlington, TX 76017, 817 478-5070, WWW:, e-mail:, fax: 817 561-2313.

Digital Imaging Reviews

Photoshop 6.0 (MAC/WIN)
Photoshop 6.0 continues the tradition of the program that is the acknowledged leader in the field of image editing and manipulation. This latest version, which represents the most significant update in the program's history, incorporates features and improvements that are aimed at printing and prepress professionals, Web designers, and technical image editors.

This version introduces several important innovations, among them: * Vector Shapes, which support the creation of vector-based shapes (lines, rectangles, ellipses, and polygons) that can be contain dynamic fills and can be used to mask individual image layers. Complex shapes can be created using the Add, Subtract, Intersect, and Exclude commands. The use of vector shapes ensures that resolution-independent edges are sharp. * Improved Text Handling, means that type can be produced a the highest quality, and composed line-by-line, or inside a box. Text is input directly on the image rather than in a dialog box, and when output to a PostScript printer or to PDF, the text is maintained as vector images. Text remains editable even if it has been twisted or warped. * PDF Workflow Implementation, ensures that all Photoshop file characteristics are maintained within a PDF file. Recipients can use Acrobat tools to annotate the file as needed. * Web Workflow Optimization is available through the integrated ImageReady program which supports rollover styles for one-click rollover creation. In addition, Photoshop itself provides image slicing tools, with control over the format and compression of each slice. * Layer Management is enhanced with Layer Styles, wherein combination sof effects can be saved for reuse. * Liquify Command has been added to allow for the interactive pushing and pulling of pixels.

Among the most useful user interface improvements is the context-sensitive tool options bar. When a tool is selected, all of its options appear in a bar that runs directly under the menu bar. All related choices become obvious and are easily accessed. $609, upgrades $199.

Contact: Adobe Systems Inc., 345 Park Ave., San Jose, CA 95110-2704, 408 536-6000, WWW:, fax: 408 537-6000.

Entertainment Reviews

Blues Guitar Legends (MAC/WIN)
Blues Guitar Legends is the latest release in eMedia's popular series of instructional guitar CD-ROMs. Unlike previous titles, Blues Guitar Legends is the first to focus on a particular facet of rock music and to feature the best songs from that genre as performed by the original artists. These artists include Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Jeff Beck, and others.

Like eMedia's other guitar offerings, Blues Guitar Legends features an animated fretboard and easy (though sometimes slow) song navigation. There is also a wealth of background information about the songs and artists. For those of us who are not quite ready to take on the fast-paced solos of Stevie Ray Vaughan, each song also offers a simpler chord-based version. While the software is rated for ""all skill levels,"" you may be better off starting with one of eMedia's other titles if this is your first time picking up your axe.

You'll get the most out of this CD if you can play the full versions of the songs.

For the casual guitarist, you should know that some of these songs require your guitar to be tuned differently. The built-in automatic tuner should be a big help here. A few minutes of tuning is probably worth the effort to be able to play some of these classic blues songs. $29.95

Contact: eMedia Music Corp., 664 NE Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98105, 206 329-5657,

Book Reviews

Little Audio CD Book, The
Starrett, Bob; Josh McDaniel

The most complete book available on the subject of recording music onto CD-R media. The authors cover the main features of audio recording software and hardware, how to optimize recordings of worn and fuzzy originals, how to find music on the Web, and how to produce the actual CD.

Available for on-line ordering at

0201708973 271 pp. $29.95

Contact: Peachpit Press, 2414 Sixth St., Berkeley, CA 94710

DeBabelizer: The Authorized Edition
Despres, Lise; Paul Vachier

Here is the complete guide to working with the most remarkable and powerful graphic file converter available. The authors provide an inside view of the workings of Equilibrium DeBabelizer, with step-by-step instructions on virtually every aspect of its operation. The accompanying cross-platform CD includes trial versions of the software for Macintosh and Windows, as well as 90 color images from the book, samples of stock photos, filters, and graphics utilities.

Available for on-line ordering at

1568303246 383 pp. $45

Contact: Hayden Books, 4300 West 62nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46268

Photoshop 5.5, ImageReady 2.0 For the Web Hands-On Training
Weinman, Lynda

This is famed Lynda Weinman's hands-on tutorial for executing Web-based tasks using Photoshop 5.5 and ImageReady 2.0. The attractively designed book uses generous amounts of color, and numerous illustrations to show the steps involved in accomplishing dozens of Web production activities, such as creating layer effects, making seamless background tiles, producing image maps, making roll-overs, and much more. Each step is clearly shown and described, and the user can easily follow along on their own computer.

The book begins with preliminary information about using the software, managing color, and optimizing the elements of a Web site. The accompanying cross-platform CD-ROM contains files used in the exercises as well as several QuickTime movies.

Available for on-line ordering at

0201354675 502 pp. $49.99

Contact: Peachpit Press, 2414 Sixth St., Berkeley, CA 94710

Teach Yourself XML in 24 Hours
Ashbacher, Charles

A book comprised of 24 one-hour lessons presented in a clearly defined progression. It is rated for the beginner to intermediate user, and does not make assumptions about the reader's level of knowledge. The author begins with background on markup languages, and the relationship of XML to HTML. Exercises grow in sophistication to include applications in e-commerce and database queries.

Available for on-line ordering at

0672319500 438 pp. $24.99

Contact: Sams, 201 West 103rd St., Indianapolis, IN 46290.

How to Use Microsoft Windows Me (Millennium Edition)
Hergert, Douglas

A complete easy-to-follow guide to the use of Microsoft Windows Me. The book is primarily visual, with full-color illustrations of each and every step. The pictures show the progression of each operation, with clearly defined instructions for mouse movements and keyboard entry.

Available for on-line ordering at

0672319373 264 pp. $24.99

Contact: Sams, 201 West 103rd St., Indianapolis, IN 46290.

How to Use Adobe Photoshop 6 (Visually in Full Color)
Giordan, Daniel

This book is the next best thing to having a live demonstration of the key operations of Photoshop 6. The author shows in complete and full-color brilliance what the user will see on-screen, and explains the steps necessary to make image selections, optimize the display environment, convert files, work with tone, work with color, edit images, draw and paint, use type, use paths, work with layers, build Web sites, and add special effects. Any Photoshop user is likely to learn something from this book, and learn quickly how to accomplish some new task or operation.

Available for on-line ordering at

0672319543 290 pp. $29.99

Contact: Sams, 201 West 103rd St., Indianapolis, IN 46290.

SQL for Dummies
Taylor, Allen G.

A good solid introduction to the essential elements of SQL. The author covers the use of SQL to create databases, to retrieve data, and control operations. He also shows how SQL is actually applied in real-world uses.

Available for on-line ordering at

0764504150 382 pp. $24.99

Contact: IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., 919 E. Hillsdale Blvd. #400, 800 762-2974, 650 653-7000,

Print Unchained-Fifty Years of Digital Printing, 1950-2000 and Beyond
Webster, Edward

An exceptional book in every regard, from its handsome design and quality color printing (printed in China), to its insightful account of the history of digital print and valuable personal observations of industry giants. If the literary field were littered with dozens of books on this subject, this would be the undisputed champion. The fact that this is the only book of its kind, and it is so well-done, makes it an absolute must-have for anyone in the field of graphic communications.

What Ted Webster has produced is a complete chronology of the development of the digital printing process, from the first markings in sand by the hand of prehistoric man to the most up-to-date full-color, high-speed digital press. Webster has painstakingly researched every significant development, written about them clearly and intelligently, illustrated them with revealing, sometimes rare photos and diagrams, and brought them to life with first-hand reports and interviews by those who were involved in their genesis.

It is unusual to pick up a book about technology and find it difficult to put down. Mr. Webster has produced such a book, and in the process has made a major contribution to the field of printing and digital publishing. In 22 years of writing book reviews, this is the first book that we have ever given our unreserved recommendation.

0970261705 253 pp. $125

Contact: DRA of Vermont, Inc., 226 Handle Road, West Dover, VT 05356, 802 464-5845, e-mail:, fax: 802 464-6534.

ePublishing for Dummies
Rosenborg, Victoria

One of the first guides to e-book self-publishing. The author presents a clearly defined strategy for planning the e-book production, producing its contents, selecting a file format, and marketing the finished work. The accompanying Windows CD-ROM contains e-book readers, the ReaderWorks authoring software, and related files.

Available for on-line ordering at

0764507818 342 pp. $24.99

Contact: IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., 919 E. Hillsdale Blvd. #400, 800 762-2974, 650 653-7000,

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