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  Mask Pro 4.1 (MAC/WIN)

Mask Pro 4.1 is a Photoshop plug-in that provides one of the easiest ways to produce sophisticated masks, selections, and clipping paths. It works by letting the user select the colors that will be kept (from the foreground), and selecting the colors that will be removed (from the background). These colors are displayed in palettes, showing what colors will be removed and what will be retained. It is capable of dealing with problematic image elements such as hair, smoke, lace, bubbles, and other intricate and delicate image components, maintaining transparency while removing colors. The user can see the actual mask as it is being created. In addition to its prime purpose in removing backgrounds, this latest version supports pressure sensitive Wacom Tablets. An on-line tutorial ( demonstrates how the program works. $159.95


Data Rescue PC (WIN )
Data Rescue PC is the preferred tool for recovering data of all types from a virus-laden, crashed, or an accidentally formatted hard drive. It is the first line of defense when a hard drive crashes and addresses the first order of business: recovering the files on the damaged drive. In most cases repairing the drive is secondary to saving the data which resides on it.

The Data Rescue PC software is provided on a bootable CD so that the user need only insert the disc and restart the computer. The program guides the user through the recovery process using a graphical user interface. The user selects the files that he or she wants to recover and the files are safely copied to an external storage location, such as a USB or FireWire hard drive, network drive, or another working drive in the computer.


Clone X 3 (MAC)
Clone X 3 is an invaluable utility that provides one of the most useful and potentially mission-critical capabilities for Macintosh digital publishers: The creation of a bootable backup of an entire hard drive. The creation of an exact clone provides insurance against a catastrophic drive failure that would bring a user, or an entire business, to a complete halt. It also enables the movement of the contents of an internal drive to a larger external drive so that the external drive can be swapped into the computer.

FREE from the RIT Printing Industry Center

The Generation Beyond Print-on-Paper

by Prof. Michael Kleper

The purposes of this report are to:

* Compare and contrast paper      display with on-screen display.
* Examine the state-of-the-art in electronic “paper-like” screen display technology.
* Highlight the screen display technologies that are under development and most likely to affect or replace print.
* Introduce the subject of printed electronics.
* Present comments from leaders in the display technology field.

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Printed Electronics and the Automatic Identification of Objects
by Professor Michael L. Kleper
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The printing industry is about to enter a new age, one that may redefine, at least in part, its purpose and its product. Recent advances in material science now make it possible to use printing processes to produce electronic components and devices—with the potential to do so inexpensively and in great number. Printing, as a form of precise patterning, offers the greatest hope for enabling the “Internet of Things,” a phase of technological evolution in which everyday objects in the environment incorporate some degree of intelligence.

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