Part 6:
Color Management Concepts, Systems and Applications

Chapter 21: Color Theory and Models

Chapter 22: Color Viewing and Reproduction

Chapter 23: Color Management Systems (CMS)

Chapter 24: Color Reference Systems

Chapter 25: Non-print Color Markets

Part 7:
Digital Workflow and Job Engineering

Chapter 26: Digital Workflow
Digital Workflow Storage

Tape Technology

Chapter 27: Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Chapter 28: Digital Job Engineering

Chapter 29: Connectivity and Digital Data Flow

Part 8:
Multimedia Technologies

Chapter 30: The Process and Applications

Chapter 31: Digital Audio

Chapter 32: Digital Video
Multimedia Element Control

Chapter 33: Three-Dimensional Modeling

Chapter 34: Animation

Chapter 35: Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)

Chapter 36: CD/DVD-ROM

Part 9:
Web Publishing and New Media

Chapter 37: The Internet

Chapter 38: The World Wide Web

Chapter 39: Web Site Components and Construction

Chapter 40: Web Site Advertising and Promotion

Chapter 41: The Web Publisher and Their Audience

Chapter 42: Careers in Web Publishing

Chapter 43: e-Books and the Protection of Digital Intellectual Property
e-Book Devices

Chapter 44: On-demand Publishing Technology