The Handbook of Digital Publishing: Vol. I
Professor Michael Kleper

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Part 1:
Typographic Methods and Procedures
Introduction: Webucation Web Links
Chapter 1: Type and Typography
Chapter 2: Typographic Procedures, Rules and Niceties
Chapter 3: Type on the Desktop
Part 2:
Design and Layout for Page and Screen
Chapter 4: Beginning with The Page
Chapter 5: Page Design–Destination: Paper or Screen
Part 3:
Digital Image Creation, Capture and Use
Chapter 6: Digital Photography
Chapter 7: Scanning Technology
Chapter 8: Prefabricated Files for Digital Media Production
Part 4:
Adobe PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF)
Chapter 9: Adobe PostScript
Chapter 10: Adobe PDF: Portable Document Format
Chapter 11: High-Resolution Fonts for PostScript Printers
Part 5:
Page Creation for Print, Electronic Documents, and the Web
Chapter 12: Desktop Publishing
Chapter 13: The Advent of Word Processing
Chapter 14: Typographic Composition
Chapter 15: Desktop Publishing Skills and Careers
Chapter 16: Page Creation Production Workflow
Chapter 17: Indexing and Index Generation
Chapter 18: Database Publishing
Chapter 19: Specialized Forms of Publication
Chapter 20: Sight, Navigation, Movement and Feedback
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