The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing - Issue 8.3 May / June 2003

Issue 8.3 May / June 2003



Printing Reviews

PrintMagic 3 (MAC/WIN)
PrintMagic 3.0 is an application that provides a floating palette on the desktop that is available from every application. Its purpose is to facilitate the acquisition of text and graphics from virtually any source, and aggregate them for either printing, as the name implies, or saving to a file. Any text or graphic element that can be highlighted can be processed with the program.

PrintMagic provides several efficiencies. First, by its nature, it serves to process only what the user has selected, so that extraneous information does not get in the way. Second, by avoiding the output of unnecessary information, less paper and ink are consumed, saving money and time. Third, because less paper is produced, there are fewer pages to handle, sort, and store.

The functions in the program are useful for virtually anyone who gathers information from multiple sources. In addition, the program can function like a desktop printer, enabling the user to drag-and-drop any selected text, image, or clipping file onto the program's printer button and print instantly.

Because the output from PrintMagic will characteristically be data from multiple sources, the program provides features that simplify the process of annotating sources, and adding time-date stamps. The user can also type in notes to clarify sources and assist in gathering information.

The program includes an input window called the PrintBoard into which text and graphics can be dragged-and-dropped, or copied and pasted, and into which the user can type. $24.95

Contact: Macease, .

Multimedia/Graphics Reviews

Kivio mp (ALL)
Kivio mp is a flexible, full-featured flowcharting and diagramming application that provides a complete set of drawing tools and design enhancements. The program is a derivative of the open source program, which is a component of KOffice, also developed by The Kompany. The mp version runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

A valuable feature of the program is the availability of more than 30 stencil sets that contain the design elements related to specialized fields such as chemistry and electronics. A separate Stencil Builder program is available at a cost of $49.95.

Among Kivio mp's many features are: 51 page sizes and formats; control over design stencil attributes including border width, foreground/background color, fill style, arrowheads, and text; a palette of drawing tools; intelligent toolbars; 31 arrow point types; multiple pages per document; master pages; multiple measurement units; grouping; layer support; dynamically resizing grid; guide lines; and more. $99.95

Contact: The Kompany, PO Box 80265, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688, 949 713-3276,, e-mail:, fax: 949 713-4846.

SuperMagic 5.0 (WIN )
SuperMagic 5.0 is a template-based, click-driven, multimedia authoring tool. It provides a flexible environment for assembling several types of movie objects, image objects, audio/music objects, and text into digital albums, courseware, Web sites, marketing collateral, and other forms of multimedia. $181.48 for the download version.

Contact: The Creators of Future, #67, Mirae Bldg, Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea, 82-2-588-2545,, e-mail:, fax: 82-2-579-8644.

Specialized Output Reviews

MasterWriter v1.0 (MAC/WIN)
MasterWriter v1.0, written in 4D, is a unique and highly practical songwriting application that has been developed by professional songwriters, for professional songwriters. It is an amazing tool that offers to free its users from the intimidation of a blank page. It was awarded "Best of Show" at Macworld Expo 2003 in San Francisco, and is the most impressive and useful application of database technology that we have seen.

The software incorporates a wealth of word resources, including rhyming (over 100,000 rhymes), phrasal (over 33,000 phrases, idioms, cliches, sayings and word combinations), pop-culture, and information reference dictionaries. It also includes the only alliterations dictionary ever published, as well as the American Heritage Dictionary and Roget's II Thesaurus. The various word databases cover persons, places, and things that are the stuff of songs...all in one place, and all easily accessed from the primary lyrics editor, which is a full-function word processor. The program is devised as a complete song production environment, from the creation of the lyrics, to the recording of the melody (with 250 selections from a MIDI drum loop library), to the on-line date-of-creation registration of the song (using MasterWriter's exclusive Songuardª service).

The songwriter begins by either typing in parts of a song, or using the various databases to get ideas and inspiration. Navigation between the various parts of the program is simple by using the button bars that run along the top of the program window. $289

Contact: 4D, Inc., 3031 Tisch Way, Suite 900, San Jose, CA 95128, 408 557-4600,,, e-mail:, fax: 408 557-4645.

Hardware Reviews

Belkin Wireless Network Access Point ()
The Belkin Wireless Network Access Point (WAP) enables a user to share a single Internet connection, files, and printers wirelessly. The unit uses the 802.11b WiFi standard, providing the user with an Ethernet port to connect to their wired network. Data transfer rates of up to 11Mbps are supported. Multiple units can be used within the home or office to extend the wireless coverage. A single unit can provide a range of up to 1800 feet.

The package includes Windows Wireless Network Access Point software for set-up and management. Data and network security is provided with 64-bit or 128-bit WEP data encryption. The unit comes with a lifetime warranty and 24 hour free technical support. $99.99

Contact: Belkin Components, 501 West Walnut Street, Compton, CA 90220, 800 223-5546,, fax: 310 898-1111.

Entertainment Reviews

Ten for X Games Volume 1 (MAC)
Ten for X Games Volume 1 is a collection of diverse games for the Mac OS X user. The games include: 3D Bridge Deluxe, a bridge game with a tutorial mode, voice recognition, and online play option; Airburst, a game in which the user tries to keep his balloon aloft while trying to pop other balloons; Astrosquid, an arcade shooting contest; Bommo Sweeper X, a mind sweeping game; Bugdom 2, an action adventure game; Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab, a falling block puzzler; Classic Cribbage, a card game; Cro-Mag Rally, a prehistoric 3D racing game; DeepTrouble, a 22nd century action game; Geneforge, a fantasy role-playing game; Jinni Zeala Pinball, a pinball game; Video Poker 5000, a casino game; and WingNuts: Temporal Navigator, an arcade flying game. A $250 value for $49.99

Contact: Aladdin Systems, 245 Westridge Dr., Watsonville, CA 95076, 831 761-6200, fax: 831 761-6206,, e-mail:

Additions/Extensions Reviews

ColorBreaker 4.17 (MAC/WIN)
ColorBreaker 4.17 is a QuarkXTension that enables a QuarkXPress user to attach tags, with color information, that point, using arrows, to each colored item and color text block. The tags show important color and font information with is useful for the printer. $199

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

Cropster 5.0 (MAC/WIN)
Cropster 5.0 is a QuarkXTension that enables a QuarkXPress user to flexibly add all sorts of printed workmarks, including crop and registration marks, logos, colorbars, date stamps, and more. The Cropster dialog box provides the user with precise control over placement. $99

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

DocuSlim EV 2.2 (MAC)
DocuSlim EV 2.2 is a QuarkXTension that enables a QuarkXPress user to automatically apply modifications to images using the Image Robot plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. Images can be cropped, rotated, resized, resampled, converted from RGB to CMYK or grayscale, skew, and reimport at zero degrees and 100%. The software displays what it will do before it does it and reports on what it has done afterward. Processes can be applied to a single selection, a range of pages, or to master pages. $249

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

iDropper (MAC)
iDropper is a QuarkXTension that enables a QuarkXPress user to copy any color on the screen and add it to the Quark color palette. It creates harmonious color palettes with darker tints, complementary and harmony colors simultaneously. $59

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

JobCapture (MAC/WIN)
JobCapture (sold as JobTracker by Gluon) incorporates the proprietary DocCaptureª technology that monitors specified document-based activity on a given computer. It is different from other job tracking applications which generally record all computer activities. It utilizes an electronic Job Jacket that appears any time that a document is closed in order to record the amount of time spent on work in applications such as Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, MS Office, and many others. A record of time applied to each job simplifies billing and makes it more precise.

The program uses TCP/IP, either on a local network or the Internet, to directly record information from tracked computers to a central database. The database is capable of searching, sorting, and managing millions of records. Reports, with charts, can be generated based on such fields as client, job number, costs, application, user, machine, activity type, time, etc. The information can be used to refine job cost and time estimates. $199 per tracked machine in the Small Office Edition. JobCapture Enterprise is priced according to the type of deployment.

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

ProGrids & Guides 6.0 (MAC/WIN)
ProGrids & Guides 6.0 is a QuarkXTension that enables a QuarkXPress user to flexibly create grids and guides in an almost unlimited variety. Guides can be placed with an accuracy of one thousandth of a point, in almost any variety of spacing and colors. The guide features are different from Quark's built-in Guide Manager in these ways: 1. Multiple colors of guides (23); 2. Ability to Add Crop Marks; 3. Ability to Add Rules; 4. Ability to offset from Rulers; 5. Ability to Add guides to the sides of selections; 6. Ability to Add guides to text baselines; 7. Ability to divide boxes evenly with guides; 8. Ability to set corresponding Tabs with guides; 9. Ability to setup Gutters; 10. Ability to Save Guide Sets; 11. Ability to Load Guide Sets 12. Ability to Print Guides; 13. Ability to Convert Guides to rules; 14. Double-click on a guide to change its location, lock, color, etc.; 15. Create bleed guides; 16. Create standard design grids; 17. Mirror guides; 18. Copy guides; 19. Move multiple guides 20. Set different margins on pages; and 21. Add measurements and line counts. $99

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

ProScale EV 6.1 (MAC/WIN)
ProScale EV 6.1 is a QuarkXTension that provides the capability to scale non-proportionally without distorting either type or graphics. The dialog box provides control over just about any rescaling activity. The user can execute size changes that would be excessively time-consuming any other way. Users can interactively resize page contents to do realtime copyfitting. Quite an amazing feat. $139

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

QC 5.0 (MAC/WIN)
QC 5.0 with QC Collect & Send is a QuarkXTension that enables a QuarkXPress user to interactively, throughout the life of a production job, interrogate the job for potential problems. The plug-in produces a list of possible troublespots...clicking on an item in the list brings the user directly to that item, which will be highlighted. The plug-in checks text, pictures, items, colors, and the Document. Some errors can be corrected automatically using the Autofix feature. The plug-in also assists the user in collecting assets for submission to a service bureau or other output destination. Was $199 now free.

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

RoustaboutXT 2.0 (MAC/WIN)
RoustaboutXT 2.0 is an XTension for QuarkXPress version 4.04 and up that enables users to flexibly handle XML imported into, and XML exported out of, QuarkXPress. It provides the user with exceptional control, through the use of a Font Encoding mapping file, over symbols, ligatures, mathematical and scientific symbols, ornaments, and anchored text and pictures. $300

Contact: Apropos Toy & Tool Development, 577 Crawford St., Toronto ON Canada M6G 3K1,, e-mail:

Slick Transitions and Effects (MAC)
Slick Transitions and Effects consists of four volumes of plug-ins for Apple's iMovie digital video editing application.

Slick Volume 1 contains over 50 transitions and effects. Transitions include page peels and curls, barn doors, doors, blinds, zoom, rotate, spin, tumble, and others. Effects include film noise, mosaic, emboss, posterize, and more. Most of the effects include control sliders to adjust the intensity of their application. $29.95

Slick Volume 2 is entitled the "Spice Collection," and includes sophisticated transitions such as vapors, washes, trails, sweeps, and fluids. The effects include things such as letterbox and filmstrip. $29.95

Slick Volume 3 includes titling capabilities to add dyanmic titles, such as a headline or marquee. Over 50 new transitions, including ripples and apertures, and several new effects, including SoftPaint (to convert the video into a moving painting), and color tint. $49.95

Slick Volume 4 adds plug-ins that can superimpose logos or any matte onto moving video (Matte-tastic), apply blue screen technology (VidMix), use two video sources (Picture in Picture), display two video sources (Split Screen), and a standalone application that can produce high-quality pans from still high resolution images (SlickMotion). $49.95

Contact: GeeThree, 261 Hamilton Ave., Suite 311, Palo Alto, CA 94301, 650 328-8091,, fax: 650 328-8092.

Slugger Customizer 5.16 (MAC/WIN)
Slugger Customizer 5.16 is a QuarkXTension that enables a QuarkXPress user to add important job-specific information to each page of a document. The information can conform to any of several slug models that are provided. Over 15 slug type wizards are provided, and the information is updated on print and save. The plug-in also supports the addition of color chips and barcodes, the listing of fonts, and the usage of pictures and colors. $199

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

TableMaker 5.62 (MAC/WIN)
TableMaker 5.62 is a QuarkXTension that enables a QuarkXPress user to convert tabbed text, such as that imported from Excel, or any tab delimited source, into a finely composed table. The software can "force fit" the data to conform to any table size. The user controls the columns, gutters, and tab types, and can add rules and background stripes. Tables can be composed over multiple pages. The tables that are constructed using the software can be seen and printed independent of the TableMaker application. $139

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

WebXPress Pro 5.0 (MAC/WIN)
WebXPress Pro 5.0 is a QuarkXTension that enables a QuarkXPress user to export Quark documents as Web pages supporting over ten export types including HTML, XML, Palm, eBook, and others. The user can export content to databases as well as perform other useful functions. $399

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

Xenofex 2 ()
Xenofex 2 is a set of 14 plug-ins for Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, and Photoshop Elements. The effects include Burnt Edges, Classic Mosaic, Constellation, Cracks, Crumple, Electrify, Flag, Lightning, Little Fluffy Clouds, Puzzle, Rip Open, Shatter, Stain, and Television. The filters can be previewed at $129

Contact: Alien Skin Software, LLC, 1111 Haynes St., Ste Zero, Raleigh, NC 27604, 919 832-4124,, e-mail:, fax: 919 832-4065.

XPress XML 2.0 (MAC/WIN)
XPress XML 2.0 is an XTension for QuarkXPress version 4.04 and up that enables users to import and export XML. The XTension works very much like XPress Tags. The software is meant to serve as a no-frills XML processor, and as such, is relatively easy to learn to use. $50

Contact: Apropos Toy & Tool Development, 577 Crawford St., Toronto ON Canada M6G 3K1,, e-mail:

XPressImage Pro 5.0 (MAC/WIN)
XPressImage Pro 5.0 is a QuarkXTension that enables a QuarkXPress user to export selected documents, pages, spreads, or areas into popular graphic formats, including PDF, GIF, JPEG, PICT, EPS, and TIFF. The user can control the scale and resolution, as well as embed fonts and add cropmarks to EPS. The Pro version supports batch processing, scripting and hot folder automation. $349

Contact: Gluon, Inc., 443 Greenwich St., 4A, New York, NY 10013, 888-GLUONXT, 212 343-1755,, fax: 212-343-1758.

Image Collection Reviews

Hemera Photo Objects 50,000 Volume III (MAC)
Hemera Photo Objects 50,000 Volume III are part of a unique line of royalty-free digital photos with pre-masked alpha channels built-in. Each image is 32-bit true-color with a base resolution of 600 x 600 pixels (300 dpi). The images are arranged in 80 themed categories, including Art, Birds, Clothing, Drinks, Footwear, Luggage, Pets, Technology, and Work.

The images can be used for Web, presentations, multimedia, or print projects, and are compatible with all graphics applications. The package includes an interface that allows the user to search, format, resize, crop and export. Like others in the series, this one is exceptionally well done, with useful high-quality images. $69.99

Contact: Hemera Technologies, 490 St. Joseph Blvd., Hull, Quebec, Canada J8Y 3Y7, 819 772-8200,, fax: 819 778-6252.

Templates To Go (WIN )
Templates To Go is a collection of over 500 templates for MS PowerPoint 2000 or newer. The templates will also work with the Macintosh version of PowerPoint, and some previous Windows versions, although some features may be limited. The templates are ready to use and are classified in three categories: business, school, and religion. The templates are previewed using an Internet browser where they are presented in thumbnail format. Clicking on the thumbnail presents the user with the option of saving a copy of the image or opening the template in PowerPoint. Each template design includes a slide and title master, as well as additional page options, such as transitions. Most templates also include an Elements Page consisting of elements that can be copied and pasted into other pages and resized as necessary. $89.95

Contact: Animation Factory, 2000 W 42nd Street, Suite C, Sioux Falls, SD 57105, 605 339-4722,, e-mail:

The Big Box of Art: 800,000 images (MAC)
The Big Box of Art: 800,000 images is reputedly "the world's largest Macintosh image collection on DVD." It is composed of a wide variety of royalty-free visual assets that cover a broad spectrum of topics and design applications. The eight DVDs, comprising 30GB of imagery, are packed with 300,000 vector clip art images in EPS format; 60,000 professional digital photos in color and black-and-white; 375,000 Web graphics and animations; 25,000 Photo-Objectsª Images, which are 32-bit cropped photo images with transparent backgrounds; 30,000 raster illustrations; and 10,000 textured photos. Over 75% of the images are in full color. As a bonus the user gets a sampler from of 50 high-res images (28MB each), plus the opportunity to download up to 150 high-res images direclty from on-line. To use an image the user simply opens the built-in search engine, types in a keyword, selects the image they want, and drags and drops it into an open project window. Theme areas include: aeronautics, animals, birds, books, cars, children, desserts, fitness, gardening, lifestyles and culture, medicine, plants, social issues, technology, weather, wildlife, and many more. This single box of discs is an entire graphic library treasure-trove. $149.99

Contact: Hemera Technologies, 490 St. Joseph Blvd., Hull, Quebec, Canada J8Y 3Y7, 819 772-8200,, fax: 819 778-6252.

File Transfer/Processing Reviews

MarkzScout (MAC)
MarkzScout is a visual digital workflow tool that enables users to connect icons that represent actions (stored as over 300 rules and scripts) that can be applied to large batches of Macintosh or Windows files that are processed through the system. One or more production files (QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Freehand, etc.) can be dropped on an icon, or connected icon workflow, in order to execute the actions. The actions can be used to interrogate the contents of the file; sort, filter, or categorize; or to apply a change to its form. $999

Contact: Markzware, 1805 E. Dyer Road, Suite #101, Santa Ana, CA 92705, 949 756-5100, 800-300-3532,, email:, fax: 949 756-5108.

Utility Reviews

Dantz Retrospect Multi Server for Windows 6.5 (WIN )
Dantz Retrospect Multi Server for Windows 6.5 is among the best backup and restore applications for small and midsize businesses. It fulfills the vital need to secure mission-critical computer data using an orderly, efficient, and reliable method. The software can archive files, folders, and application settings on servers, desktops, and laptop computers with 100% accuracy, performing new-and-changed-file backups.

The Retrospect product line consists of several products. The Multi Server version is designed to handle single or multiple servers; networked file servers; application servers; and desktop and laptop computers, running Windows, Macintosh, and selected Unix-based operating systems. Other versions of the software are designed for single servers, Microsoft Small Business Server, mixed Windows and Macintosh environments, Disaster Recovery (add-on), Proactive Backup (add-on), Open File Backup (add-on), Exchange Server Agent (add-on), SQL Server Agent (add-on), Advanced Tape Support (add-on), and others.

Dantz Retrospect Multi Server for Windows 6.5 provides a very robust portfolio of capabilities. It can backup a local computer running Windows XP, 2000 Professional, NT 4.0 Workstation, 98/Me, MS Small Business Server 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows Server 2003, and Windows NT 4 Server, as well as their networked clients, which can also include Mac OS 7.1 or later, Mac OS X 10.1 or later, and Red Hat Linux. An unlimited number of client licenses are included at no additional cost.

The program can backup to tape drives, hard drives, NAS devices, tape autoloaders and libraries, over a single LAN or multiple LANs. The program supports up to eight simultaneous backup, restore, or duplicate operations.

Retrospect is built on two patented technologies: Progressive Backup and Proactive Backup. Progressive Backup eliminates the need for repetitive full backups by comparing file attributes to a database of known backed up files, and determining which files need to be added. Only the new or changed files are added to the backup, reducing time and the amount of backup media. To ensure accuracy, Retrospect reads and verifies backed up files, byte-for-byte, against the original. In this way no files are missed, only unique files are backed up, and all copied files are known to be restorable.

Proactive Backup is unique technology which intelligently manages the backup media and the computers that need backup. Using guidelines that are established by the administrator, the backup proceeds on the basis of attending to the least recently backed up computer with the highest priority in the queue. Other computers are ranked accordingly. The backup queue determines the availability of the computer and backs it up automatically, moving the most recently backed up volume to the bottom of the queue.

For those users who have the proper text messaging capability on their cell phones, they can set up Retrospect to send e-mail when issuing a report.

Although the software supports very sophisticated backup routines, it can be used out-of-the-box for making an immediate backup. The steps are quite easy. The user goes to the Backup Overview and selects Backup, which displays the Immediate Backup window. The user selects their source drive. The user is prompted to create a new Backup Set for the destination. The Backup Set creation wizard appears and leads the user through the process. The user can select from virtually any kind of backup media they they have available. After the source and destination have been selected, the summary window appears. Using Retrospect's powerful filtering tool the user selects what will be backed up...from everything to a single file. The user then selects "OK," and clicks the Preview button to see the files and folders that have been selected for backup. The user can opt to use Retrospect's fast and efficient compression algorithms to significantly increase the storage capacity of the destination media. The user then selects Backup and the Activity Monitor opens. Retrospect scans the source volume, copies the target files, and saves a Snapshot listing of the exact state of the entire drive. The backup continues to completion and the user selects Done when the backup is complete.

Retrospect Multi Server has a suggested list price of $1,099. Retrospect Single Server, which backs up a single server and unlimited networked desktops and notebooks has a suggested list price of $699. Retrospect Small Business Server, made specifically for Microsoft's Small Business Server, which includes Exchange Server and SQL Server, has a suggested list price of $749. Retrospect Professional, which backs up data for the home and small office, runs on a single computer, and can back up two additional networked desktop and notebook computers has a suggested list price of $129. Retrospect Add-ons for Multi Server, Single Server, Small Business Server include: Open File Backup at a suggested list price of $699; Disaster Recovery at a suggested list price of $599; Proactive Backup at a suggested list price of $599; Exchange Server Agent at a suggested list price of $699; SQL Server Agent at a suggested list price of $699; Advanced Tape Support at a suggested list price of $699; and Retrospect Add-on Value Package (includes all Retrospect add-on products) at a suggested list price of $2,399.

Contact: Dantz Development Corporation, 4 Orinda Way, Building C, Orinda, CA 94563, 800 225-4880, 925 253-3000,, e-mail:, fax : 925 253-9099.

Find (WIN )
Find is a utility program that enables users to locate information quickly from anywhere on their computer. The Find window is accessible from the Toolbar in Microsoft Outlook or from the System Taskbar. The program returns a window with a list of items that meet the search criteria. $49.95

Contact: Enfish Technology Inc., 135 N. Los Robles Ave., Suite 650, Pasadena, CA 91101-4500, 626 660-2300,, fax: 626 660-2399.

FontDoctor for Macintosh v5.5 (MAC)
FontDoctor for Macintosh v5.5 is an esssential utility for addressing and resolving real font problems and for providing the means to organize large font collections for increased efficiency and productivity.

The program can examine individual font folders, including sub-folders, or entire hard drives. Among its diagnosis capabilities are: Font ID Conflicts Diagnosis, to determine if any fonts (bitmap and TrueType) share the same font ID number; Duplicate Font Diagnosis, which locates fonts that have duplicates; Extra Font Size Diagnosis, which locates fonts which have more than a single size installed (which is not necessary for proper font performance); Mixed Font Types Diagnosis, which locates multiple versions of the same font; Fonts Missing a PostScript Font File Diagnosis, which will detect if the PostScript font file is missing (i.e. only the bitmap is present); and Fonts Missing a Bitmap Font File Diagnosis, which will detect if the bitmap font file is missing from a PostScript font. The Set-up Expert Options gives the user a wide variety of choices as to how these diagnoses should be applied, and what actions should occur when repairs need to be made.

The Organize Fonts window enables the user to get their font house in order. It provides the means to locate font resources, in a folder, or on an entire hard drive, and organize them into a new "font library" folder where they may be moved or copied. The font library folder may be a new or an existing folder. The user has complete control over the way in which the new font folder is organized, and is provided with an example of how the layout will look on the screen.

The Inspect Fonts window provides a display of the entire font character complement as well as a display window in which a single selected character can be resized by using a sliderbar. A print sample of any font can be produced from this window as well.

The program also provides a conversion function, to convert fonts from one font format to another. These choices include converting: Macintosh TrueType to Windows TrueType, Windows TrueType to Macintosh TrueType; DataFork Font (.dfont) to Macintosh Suitcase; and Macintosh Suitcase to DataFork Font (.dfont). $69.99

Contact: Morrison SoftDesign, 3818 - E Dry Brook Road, Charlotte, NC 28269, 800 583-2917, 704 597-3789,, e-mail:, fax: 704 599-5901.

Jaws PDF Creator 3.0 (MAC/WIN)
Jaws PDF Creator 3.0 enables users to convert virutally any type of document into the univeral PDF file format. PDF produces a visual replicate of the original, with graphics, fonts, and color intact. The files can be opened and read using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The files can be distributed, viewed, edited, stored, published onto Web sites, CD-ROMs, and other media, and printed on any printer. This new version provides improved intregration with Microsoft Office, increased security for confidential documents (128-bit encryption), faster Web download performance, and improved color accuracy. $100

Contact: Global Graphics Software Inc., 95 Sawyer Road, Three University Park, Waltham, MA 02453, 781 392-1600,, fax: 781 736-1949

LaunchBar 3.2.11 for Mac OS X (MAC)
LaunchBar 3.2.11 for Mac OS X is a dropdown menubar that the user can invoke to access instantly any of the thousands of files, e-mail addresses, applications, or Web bookmarks simply by entering an abbreviation. The program uses an advanced adaptive abbreviation search algorithm to locate the target item. The program is very fast, and simplifies the process of locating resources on large volumes. $19.95

Contact: Objective Development, Porschestrasse 13-15/10/1, A-1230 Wien, Austria, 43 1 60936506,, e-mail:, fax: 43 1 60936504.

PopChar X (MAC)
PopChar X is a highly useful font utility that is accessible from the Macintosh menubar. It provides the digital publisher with the means to locate any character, in any font, and instantly insert the character into an open document. The user is able to browse all of the installed fonts in the system and easily determine each character's key combinations. The program simplifies the process of locating any character in the font by dividing them into three categories: letters, digits, and accents. By selecting one of the like-named buttons, the user can display that particular part of the character complement. Users will appreciate that they can resize the characters to see their forms easier than using the Apple KeyCaps program. $39 mailorder, $29 download.

Contact: Uni Software Plus, Softwarepark Hagenberg, A-4232 Hagenberg, Austria,, e-mail:, fax: +43 7236 3338 30.

Retrospect Desktop Backup 5.0 (MAC)
Retrospect Desktop Backup 5.0 , with support for Mac OS X 10.2, is aimed at fulfilling the back-up and restore needs of home and small office network users. The product now includes client licenses for an additional two computers on the network. The program features custom selectors that can filter files based on multiple user-specified criteria, support for tape drives and autoloaders, and intelligent network backup that only backs up one copy of duplicate files. The software supports both Mac OS 9 and OS X, and network clients can be desktops or notebooks running Mac OS 7, 8, 9, or X. A five license package is $129, with additional clients available for $29 each.

Contact: Dantz Development Corporation, 4 Orinda Way, Building C, Orinda, CA 94563, 800 225-4880, 925 253-3000,, e-mail:, fax : 925 253-9099.

Retrospect Server Backup 5.0 (MAC)
Retrospect Server Backup 5.0, which runs on a Macintosh, supports the backup and restore needs of networked Macintosh and Windows computers. The Server Edition runs on any Macintosh, and the Workgroup Edition runs on any non-server Macintosh.

Backup software is a vital part of any business enterprise and protects against the real threats of data loss due to computer viruses; user error; incompatible, buggy, or improperly installed software; damaged hardware; and lost or stolen computers. The software is very efficient, and reliable, and backs up only those files that are new or have been changed. As an added safety precaution the program supports multiple backup sets, each 100% complete. Encryption can be applied to backup media as well as during network transmission.

Users can also execute Point-in-Time Restores which can roll back any folder, file, or disk to a previously backed up state. This is a very important feature, especially in a digital publishing environment where prior versions of files may be needed.

The software supports backup to a wide variety of devices including Zip, Jaz, SuperDisk, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RAM, MO, tape, local disk, hard disk drives, Internet or Intranet fTP site, any server volume, or FTP servers (2GB file limit).

The Server Edition with support for 100 clients is $799. The Workgroup Edition with support for 20 clients is $499.

Contact: Dantz Development Corporation, 4 Orinda Way, Building C, Orinda, CA 94563, 800 225-4880, 925 253-3000,, e-mail:, fax : 925 253-9099.

SNAX is replacement for the Mac OS X Finder which enables the user to customize the Finder and also achieve efficiencies that are likely to improve productivity. The user gains complete keyboard control over navigating the Finder as well as gaining the following features: the application of labels on files and folders, and sorting by label; the capability to copy a path to the Clipboard; a Secure Delete function; and much more. $32

Contact: Uni Software Plus GMBH, Hauptrasse 99, A-4232 Hagenberg, Austria, 43 7236 3338 82,, e-mail:, fax: 43 7236 3338 30.

StuffIt Deluxe 8 (WIN )
StuffIt Deluxe 8 is the industry-standard application for compressing files using .zip and .sit. The program enables users to both compress and uncompress virtually any kind of file, ensuring that customer file submissions and other digital transmissions can be processed accurately, quickly and efficiently. StuffIt also makes the use of Internet file transmission more secure with 512-bit encryption. Users can produce Self-Extracting Archives (.sea) that the receiver can open without the need for additional software. This program is a must. $39.99

Contact: Aladdin Systems, 245 Westridge Dr., Watsonville, CA 95076, 831 761-6200, fax: 831 761-6206,, e-mail:

System Mechanic (WIN )
System Mechanic is a preventative maintenance software suite that performs a number of system checks and functions to keep any Windows platform PC performing as it should. It does things such as cleaning the system registry, finding and removing obsolete files, fixing and removing broken shortcuts, and much more. Its Internet functionality is significant, and it can improve Internet performance by up to 300%. $59.95

Contact: iolo technologies, 145 North Sierra Madre Blvd., Suite 1, Pasadena, CA 91107, 626 793-3993,, fax: 626 793-1554.

Ten for X (MAC)
Ten for X is a collection of ten useful utilities that can enhance a Mac OS X user's computer experience. The suite includes: AlarmClock S.E. which enables the user to set alarms and control a schedule; FruitMenu, with allows customization of the Apple menu; iClean, which can be used to remove Internet history data; IdeaSpiral, which helps to organize and manage multiple text files related to a given project; LaunchBar, which enables fast access to files, Web-bookmarks, e-mail addresses, applications, etc. by entering the first few letter of a file name; Limewire Pro, an application that lets the user search for and share computer files with others running Gnutella; piPop, which enables rapid file navigation; PrintMagic X, a utility that simplifies the process of printing from any application that allows text selection; Pseudo, which provides the user with the capability to launch applications as the System Administrator; WindowShade X, which provides the OS 9 windowshade effect; and Xounds, which adds audio feedback to the OS. A $170 value for $49.99

Contact: Aladdin Systems, 245 Westridge Dr., Watsonville, CA 95076, 831 761-6200, fax: 831 761-6206,, e-mail:

Digital Video Reviews

DVD PhotoPlay (WIN )
DVD PhotoPlay provides the capability for users to create a digital slideshow that can be viewed on any TV from any DVD player or from a PC. The software enables the user to build a photo album, arrange the presentation, and add sound. $49.95

Contact: V Communications, Inc., 2290 North First St., Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95131, 408 965-4000,, fax: 408 965-4014.

Mastering Photoshop 7 (MAC/WIN)
Mastering Photoshop 7 is a self-instructional CD containing over 40 lessons for learning Adobe Photoshop 7 and ImageReady. It holds approximately 48 hours of training and is estimated to provide approximately 20 times faster learning than from a book. $39.99

Contact: BDG Publishing Inc., 46743 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538, 510 252-0737,, e-mail:, fax: 510 252-0747.

Montage (MAC)
Montage is the first video editing system that is "trackless." Users have the freedom to manipulate video, audio, stills, and text in an infinitely expandable workspace window. The program is the only consumer-level alternative to iMovie for Macintosh OS X users, and greatly expands on the feature set. Media clips can be imported from any source including realtime capture from a FireWire DV camera.

The compositing process is as easy as it gets. Dissolves, for example, are created automatically, as one video clip is dragged onto another. When the user clicks on the resulting connection graphic (between the two clips) they are presented with a choice of fully editable compositors, transitions, and wipes. A collection of over a dozen video effects, including emboss, color tint, and film noise, can be applied to any video clip. The effects are shown in a realtime preview box. Text can be added to clips by simply placing the text box over a clip. It can then be keyed against an editable background with adjustable duration for scrolling.

The audio features are impressive. Arboretum has a reputation as a respected music software developer. There is no track limit since there are no tracks, and audio clips can be edited, arranged, and stacked easily. The program includes several audio effects, and others can be added using plug-ins. The package is bundled with over 70 royalty-free audio clips.

Although the program is trackless, the user can time-stretch audio and video, and can nudge frame by frame, and lock down areas to prevent shifts. Any part of the movie can be displayed in the Overview window. $149

Contact: Arboretum Systems, 75 Aura Vista, Pacifica, CA, 650 738-4750,, e-mail:, fax: 650 738-5699.

muvee autoProducer DVD Edition (WIN )
muvee autoProducer DVD Edition uses patent-pending technology to enable users to produce "polished" productions from raw video input at speeds of from 10 to 1000 times faster than any other method. The program analyzes the video and music components and makes editing decisions. The video analysis can differentiate between good quality and low quality, and automatically detects scenes and human faces. The music analysis detects tempo, rhythm and the "emotional index." It provides input for decisions related to when to make cuts, which transitions to use, and what effects to add and when to add them. $59.95

Contact: muvee Technologies Pte Ltd., 180 Bencoolen St., The Bencoolen, #02-21, Singaport, 189646, 65 6822 8662,

WinDVD Creator Plus (WIN )
WinDVD Creator Plus is a DVD and VCD creation application incorporating several unique features. The first is Direct Recording, wherein a DVD can be created directly from a DV camera hour of play time resulting in one hour of DVD burning, which is about two or three times faster than other methods. The second is UniPassª which integrates DVD creation and editing, eliminating time-consuming re-rendering. The third is OnDiscEditing which enables the user to "go into a DVD that you already burned and delete, append, or record over titles, all without writing, rendering and rewriting the entire disc." The program is an excellent choice for first time DVD creators since it leads the user through the four separate movie-making steps: Capture, Edit, Author, and Make Movie. $99.95

Contact: InterVideo, Inc., 43 Hartford St., Framingham, MA 01702, 508 875-9445,, fax: 508 875-9445.

WinDVD Platinum (WIN )
WinDVD Platinum is a full-featured DVD player that incorporates many high-end features, such as Dolby Virtual Speaker Technology, that uses an advanced psychoacoustics algorithm to replicate surround sound audio from only two speakers. Its audio capabilities also include support for 96 khZ/24 bit audio, producing high-resolution sound.This version now includes support for full-screen, full-motion, DivX. Among more than 30 other new features and enhancements is Movie Encyclopedia which lists the actors in the movie, the director, and others and provides the means to look up additional information. $99.95

Contact: InterVideo, Inc., 43 Hartford St., Framingham, MA 01702, 508 875-9445,, fax: 508 875-9445.

WinDVD Recorder (WIN )
WinDVD Recorder now includes Decisionmark's Titan TV® EPG (Electronic Program Guide) which enables users to type-in key words in order to locate the codes of targeted television programs for scheduled viewing and recording. The selected shows can be recorded directly to CD or DVD, avoiding the need to record to a hard drive first. Bypassing the hard drive saves considerable time.

WinDVD Recorder supports recording from a wide range of input devices, including camcorders, DV cameras, digital TV set-top boxes, or VCRs, directly to disc for immediate playback. The program not only records, but playsback as well, therefore fulfilling the functions of a VCR. The software supports a wide range of media, including CD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM. The media produced with the software will play on any consumer electronics player or recorder with support for DVD+/-VR and DVD Video Format. $149.95

Contact: InterVideo, Inc., 43 Hartford St., Framingham, MA 01702, 508 875-9445,, fax: 508 875-9445.

Internet Reviews

eComm Pro (WIN )
eComm Pro is an on-line store builder for creating an Internet commerce presence. The software enables merchandisers to quickly and easily establish an on-line storefront using a predefined template. Users can import their existing databases and test their set-up prior to going live. The software incorporates very high-level encryption techniques and is compatible with any ISP. Perhaps the best feature, in addition to the low price, is that there are no transaction nor setup fees. $39.95

Contact: Trellian Limited, 8 East Concourse, Beaumaris, VIC 3193, Australia, 61-3-9589-7946,, e-mail:, fax: 61-3-9589-7951.

NetBarrier 2003 (WIN )
NetBarrier 2003 is a collection of tools consisting of a personal firewall, and antivandal, privacy and monitoring utilities. The firewall, which can be customized or used with its default settings, controls incoming and outgoing TCP/IP traffic and data. The program maintains logs that list dates and times of vandal attacks and other breaches of security. The user can maintain lists of network addresses that are to be blocked, and those which are considered trustworthy. $49.95

Contact: Intego, Inc., 6301 Collins Avenue, Suite 1806,ÊMiami, FL 33141, 305 868-7920,, e-mail:, fax: 305 868-7938.

osXigen 2.1 (MAC)
osXigen 2.1 is an easy-to-use FTP client for Mac OS X. The program maintains bookmarks of visited sites, and makes the execution of a connection exceedingly simple. The browser filters make it very easy to show all images or show all archives on a given site. The Activity Viewer provides a clear picture of what is taking place in regard to a particular connection. $20

Contact: JomoSoft LLC,

Research-Desk Professional (WIN )
Research-Desk Professional provides a super multiple document interface that integrates MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The program provides a version of Internet Explorer Web browser that integrates with MS Office to enable users to browse the Web, open, edit, save and search related documents and Web pages all in one application for better project, file and document management. The program's patent-pending PageSnapª technology provides the capability to save complete Web pages. Among its other features are: intelligent blocking of popup windows; a Save command that records all open documents; a Global Search command that searches across all open documents, and generates a clickable list of search results. $59.95

Contact: Winferno Software, 167 Milk St., PMB 447, Boston, MA 02109, 617 867-6500,, e-mail: info@

SubmitWolf Pro v6 (WIN )
SubmitWolf Pro v6 is a feature-rich Web site promotion manager that can increase site exposure and Web presence. It is the only software of its kind that includes paid submissions to major search engines such as Inktomi, AOL, MSN, HotBot, and others. The program enables the user to select the paid sites that he wants to target and then submit them with a single stroke. The program supports Web site submission to thousands of major search engines and business directories. $95

Contact: Trellian Limited, 8 East Concourse, Beaumaris, VIC 3193, Australia, 61-3-9589-7946,, e-mail:, fax: 61-3-9589-7951.

System Shield (WIN )
System Shield is a utility that can help to prevent identity theft, security attacks, corporate espionage, and malicious extraction of private files. The program provides a comprehensive drive security analysis as a graphical view of current risk levels. The program purges names of deleted files from directory structures and overwrites deleted file contents. $39.95

Contact: iolo technologies, 145 North Sierra Madre Blvd., Suite 1, Pasadena, CA 91107, 626 793-3993,, fax: 626 793-1554.

Web Easy Professional (WIN )
Web Easy Professional software enables a user to create dynamic Web sites without writing code. The program provides sophisticated capabilities for e-commerce, such as order forms and catalogs, and even credit card transaction services (not available in all countries). Users gain access to VCOM's library of over 50,000 clipart images, photos, animated graphics, backgrounds, buttons, frames, etc. A collection of more than 100 professionally designed templates are included. $69.95

Contact: V Communications, Inc., 2290 North First St., Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95131, 408 965-4000,, fax: 408 965-4014.

Digital Imaging Reviews

Jasc After Shotª 1.0 Premium Edition (WIN )
Jasc After Shotª 1.0 Premium Edition simplifies the process of acquiring, storing, managing, viewing, and printing digital photographs. The program enables users to connect with their digital cameras using Serial, USB, PC Card, FlashPath, or TWAIN. Photos from a single session are saved in an album (folder), and information about the images is cataloged by the program to make it easy to locate them at a later time.

Users can browse through the catalogs using the Explorer Window which provides thumbnail as well as enlarged views. The user can locate photos on the basis of stored EXIF data, or can add keywords manually.

Photos in an album, or from a search, can be displayed using the Slide Show feature, can be exported for publishing on the Web using a variety of prepared templates, or can be printed using any of several layouts. In addition, a series of photos can be stitchedtogether to form a panorama. Photos can also be saved as a QuickTime movie, or as Wallpaper for a desktop image.

A number of easy-to-use tools are provided to execute simple image enhancements. Among them are rotate, crop, red eye elimination, and Quick Fix, which fixes brightness, contrast, and color balance. $49

Contact: Jasc, POB 44997, 7905 Fuller Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344-0997, 952 934-8888, 800 622-2793,, e-mail:, fax: 952 930-9172.

Xproof (MAC)
Xproof enables designers and others to view on-screen how different kinds of media will appear. A user of a Macintosh, can, for example, view how a presentation will appear on a PC display, or if broadcast. The program also gives designers the capability to view how screen images will appear to a color-blind person.

Xproof windows, of which there are two types, float above other open applications. One kind of Xproof window displays a screen sample, while the one displays information about the color directly below the cursor. Each window changes in relation to the position of the cursor on the screen. The user can change the color transform of the display window (of which there are several) by using menu which is part of the window. Window contents can be magnified, and sample images can be duplicated and saved. Contact Colorfield for pricing.

Contact: Colorfield Digital Media, 233 San Jose Ave., San Francisco, CA 94110,, e-mail:, fax: 415 723-7726.

Book Reviews

Adobe InDesign 2 Advanced Electronic Documents
Broudy, David; Robin McAllister, Against the Clock Inc.

A self-instruction guide to the use of Adobe InDesign 2. The course-in-a-book includes a CD-ROM with a variety of sophisticated jobs that can hone a user's skills.

Available for on-line ordering at

0130486981 312 pp. $52.94

Contact: Prentice Hall, PTR, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458,

Adobe InDesign Guide from Concept to Production, The
Witkowski, Mark; Trish Boyle

The authors show the use of Adobe InDesign within the context of the production process. They clearly show and tell the methods and techniques that can be applied to use the application effectively in a print production environment.

Available for on-line ordering at

0789721600 731 pp. $39.99

Contact: Hayden Books, 4300 West 62nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46268

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom In a Book
Adobe Systems, Inc.

The complete guide to Adobe Photoshop 7 written by employees of Adobe. The book covers all of the major features of the program through a series of eighteen lessons. A CD-ROM containing the lesson files is included.

Available for on-line ordering at

0321115627 581 pp. $45

Contact: Adobe Press, Prentice Hall, 113 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Adobe Type Library Reference Book

A complete specimen book of 2750 Adobe Typefaces showing the faces listed both by style and name. A complete showing of all characters plus applicable reference tables is provided. The book also includes typographic differentiators and the technical details of popular type technologies.

Available for on-line ordering at

0321136462 309 pp. $24

Contact: Adobe Press, Prentice Hall, 113 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Catalog of Tomorrow
Zolli, Andrew; Paul Saffo, Howard Rheingold

A fascinating collection of futurist views of all aspects of future life, from artificial life to ZAP electric vehicles. The articles are written by technology experts who have clear visions of life in the next fifteen or so years.

Available for on-line ordering at

0789728109 288 pp. $29.99

Contact: Que Corporation, 11711 North College Ave., Carmel, IN 46032,

Creating Web Video with Adobe Premiere
Luehrsen, Thomas

A guide to the creation and production of digital video for use on the Web. The author covers equipment selection, audio and video production techniques, editing and encoding output from Adobe Premiere, and the use of Adobe GoLive to add digital video to Web pages.

The included cross-platform CD-ROM includes sample video files.

Available for on-line ordering at

0201771845 273 pp. $34.99

Contact: Peachpit Press, 1249 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710, 800 283-9444,, fax: 510 524-2221.

Digital Color Printing and Direct Imaging Benchmarking Study
Lind, John

This study includes the test results from seven digital color presses and two direct imaging presses. The tests consisted of recruiting participants in the field to print onto 1000 sheets of three different substrates provided by GATF from a common EPS file also rovided by GATF. The participants collected data regarding waste, runtime, and RIP time. The printed sheets were returned to GATF labs where 20 sheets of each test run were chosen at random for analysis.

The report contents include: Introduction * Current Applications and Markets * Participating Technologies: Canon CLC 5000, Heidelberg DI Pro, Hewlett Packard Indigo 3000, NexPress 2100, Oce CPS, Presstek PROFIRE and Ryobi 3404DI, Xeikon DCP500D, Xerox DocuColor 6060, Xerox DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press * Previous Studies * Protocol for the Study, Testing Methods * Results and Discussion: Solid Density and Run Consistency, Tone Reproduction, Trapping and Color Gamut, Abrasion Resistance, Fade Resistance, Comparison to Offset Color Standards, Folding Properties * Summary * References * Acknowledgments * Appendices: Appendix 1. Tone Reproduction Data­28# Uncoated Text * Appendix 2. Tone Reproduction Data­65# Uncoated Cover * Appendix 3. Tone Reproduction Data­80# Coated Gloss Text

Available for on-line ordering at

0883624370 56 pp. $199

Contact: GATF Press, 200 Deer Run Road, Swickley, PA 15143-2600.

FileMaker Pro 6 Advanced for Windows and Macintosh
Baron, Cynthia; Daniel Peck

The Visual QuickPro Guide to learning FileMaker 6 through profusely illustrated step-by-step lessons. Sample topics include Extending the Interface with Scripts, Using FileMaker with Other Programs, ODBC Import and Export, Web Publishing, and FileMaker and XML.

Available for on-line ordering at

0321162196 478 pp. $24.99

Contact: Peachpit Press, 1249 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710, 800 283-9444,, fax: 510 524-2221.

FileMaker Pro 6 for Windows and Macintosh
Hester, Nolan

The classic step-by-step learning style of the Visual Quick Start series has been applied to acquiring skill using FileMaker 6. The book is a very helpful learning aid or reference for either the new or experienced FileMaker user.

Available for on-line ordering at

032116782 366 pp. $21.99

Contact: Peachpit Press, 1249 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710, 800 283-9444,, fax: 510 524-2221.

FOLD: The Professional's Guide to Folding
Witkowski, Trish

There has never been an industry guide to folding. Although folding machine manufacturers have always provided folding guides, they have been limited to what their machines could do. Now anyone who plans, creates, or produces any folded materials, printed or not, can access the most complete and useful resource ever published. The author has created a monumental two-volume set of guides covering more than 180 folding styles organized in eight folding families: accordions, basics, exotics, gates, maps, parallels, posters, and rolls. The various folds are named, numbered and illustrated. Every printer should have this valuable resource in their shops. The author should be commended for this significant contribution to the industry.

Available for on-line ordering at

0972341803 850 pp. $145

Contact: Finishing Experts Group, Inc., POB 25, Reisterstown, MD 21136, 410 833-7720,, fax: 410 833-4550.

GATF 2003 Soft Proofing Study
Bassinger, Greg; Joseph Marin

This is study examines the soft proofing methods used both for contract color proofing and markup. The researchers examined the elements that compose soft proofing systems and their looked at their various delivery systems (browser-based, applications-based, a service, or a software package). The study includes an examination of the process of ensuring accurate color across multiple displays, comparing press sheet to the display, and documenting visual assessment of printing community representatives.

The study includes the following content: Introduction * Soft Proofing Systems for Content: Creo Synapse InSite, GroupLogic Imagexpo, Lucid Dream Software OnTimeProof, PROOF-it-ONLINE, RealTimeImage, Conclusions * Soft Proofing Systems for Contract Color: Protocol, Remote Director from ICS, Kodak Polychrome Graphics Matchprint Virtual, GATF "Do-It-Yourself" System Utilizing Sony Artisan Displays, Device-to-Press-Sheet Comparison, Visual Assessment, Conclusions * Acknowledgments * Appendices: Appendix 1. Vendor/Solution Overview * Appendix 2. CIELAB Measurements for ICS System * Appendix 3. CIELAB Measurements for KPG System * Appendix 4. CIELAB Measurements for GATF Homegrown System * Appendix 5. Comparison of Press Sheet CIELAB Values to Monitor CIELAB Values * Appendix 6. Questionnaire Results * Appendix 7. Control Images Used in Test Form

Available for on-line ordering at

0883624354 56 pp. $99

Contact: GATF Press, 200 Deer Run Road, Swickley, PA 15143-2600.

Mac OS X Advanced 10.2
Langer, Maria

This Visual QuickPro Guide provides an easy-to-follow arrangement of the elements that comprise the Macintosh OS X Jaguar operating system. Elements are arranged in an easy to read layout, with numerous illustrations. The author includes content that is not easily found elsewhere.

Available for on-line ordering at

0321168933 344 pp. $24.99

Contact: Peachpit Press, 1249 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710, 800 283-9444,, fax: 510 524-2221.

Mac OS X Illustrated
DG Books

A full-color guide to all of the features of the Macintosh OS X 10.2 operating system. The illustrations are large, clear and easy-to-follow. The text is concise and well-composed.

Available for on-line ordering at

0764539159 320 pp. $24.99

Contact: WILEY, Professional/Trade Group, 111 River St., Hoboken, NJ 07030,

Mac OS X Pocket Guide

A handy pocket guide the Macintosh OS X operating system written by the Macintosh editor at O'Reilly. The book is designed to aid Macintosh users who are moving from OS 9 to OS X as well as Windows and Unix switchers. The book contains over 250 tips and a very useful 30+ page section entitled "Task and Setting Index."

Available for on-line ordering at

0596004583 141 pp. $14.95

Contact: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 103 Morris St., Suite A, Sebastopol, CA 95472, 800 998-9938, 707 829-0515,, e-mail:, fax: 707 829-0104.

Macintosh iLife, The
Heid, Jim

The first book devoted to the suite of software that Apple Computer defines as iLife: iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD. The author considers them as integrated resources that empower the user to be creative, and maximize their digital lifestyle. The colorful and well-illustrated book shows the user how to create professional-quality projects. The included cross-platform DVD, which runs on a Mac, PC, or DVD player, provides 90 minutes of interactive instruction keyed to the pages of the book.

Available for on-line ordering at

0321170113 192 pp. $29.99

Contact: Peachpit Press, 1249 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710, 800 283-9444,, fax: 510 524-2221.

Macintosh Troubleshooting Pocket Guide
Lerner, David; Aaron Freimark

A small guide to Mac troubleshooting by the "click and clack" of the computer repair business. Lerner and Freimark work at Tekserve, what has been called "The Epicenter of Mac Culture in NYC." They have provided a listing of the most frequently asked customer questions, and their helpful answers.

Available for on-line ordering at

0596004435 80 pp. $12.95

Contact: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 103 Morris St., Suite A, Sebastopol, CA 95472, 800 998-9938, 707 829-0515,, e-mail:, fax: 707 829-0104.

Pro DV Library 6-book bundle

This large shrink-wrapped set of books includes The Visual QuickStart Guide to Pro Tools 5 for Macintosh and Windows, The Visual QuickPro Guide to DVD Studio Pro 1.5 for Macintosh, The Visual QuickPro Guide for Final Cut Pro 3 for Macintosh, Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro, The Beginner's Final Cut Pro, and Firewire Filmmaking. The books have a combined value of $196.

Available for on-line ordering at

0321166221 $135

Contact: Peachpit Press, 1249 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710, 800 283-9444,, fax: 510 524-2221.

Real World Color Management
Fraser, Bruce; Chris Murphy, Fred Bunting

An expert guide to the problem of setting up and controlling accurate color reproduction from design to Web to Press. The authors provide the information required to initiate and maintain a color management system based on ICC profiles.

Available for on-line ordering at

0201773406 534 pp. $49.99

Contact: Peachpit Press, 1249 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710, 800 283-9444,, fax: 510 524-2221.

Unix CD Bookshelf, Version 3
O'Reilly and Associates

This is the essential collection of Unix resources compiled into a single volume on CD-ROM, and packaged with the print version of Unix in a Nutshell, Third Edition. The CD contains the full text of seven valuable books: Unix Power Tools, 3rd Edition; Learning the Unix Operating System, 5th Edition; Learning the vi Editor, 6th Edition; Mac OS X for Unix Geeks; Learning the Korn Shell, 2nd Edition; sed & awk, 2nd Edition; and Unix in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition.

Available for on-line ordering at

0596003927 614 pp. $129.95

Contact: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 103 Morris St., Suite A, Sebastopol, CA 95472, 800 998-9938, 707 829-0515,, e-mail:, fax: 707 829-0104.

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