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The Generation Beyond


by Prof. Michael Kleper

The purposes of this report are to:

* Compare and contrast paper display with on-screen display.
* Examine the state-of-the-art in electronic “paper-like” screen display technology.
* Highlight the screen display technologies that are under development and most likely to affect or replace print.
* Introduce the subject of printed electronics.
* Present comments from leaders in the display technology field.

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Printed Electronics and the Automatic Identification of Objects
by Professor Michael L. Kleper
ISBN# 0883624893
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The printing industry is about to enter a new age, one that may redefine, at least in part, its purpose and its product. Recent advances in material science now make it possible to use printing processes to produce electronic components and devices—with the potential to do so inexpensively and in great number. Printing, as a form of precise patterning, offers the greatest hope for enabling the “Internet of Things,” a phase of technological evolution in which everyday objects in the environment incorporate some degree of intelligence.

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—Frank D. Steenburgh,
Corporate Officer, Senior VP ret., Xerox Corp., Rochester, NY



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